New Domain Name Registrations From Apple Hint At Autonomous Cars

Apple just registered several domain names relating to its “Project Titan”. What does this mean for a possible future autonomous car release from the tech giant?

Rumors regarding Apple’s “secret” electric car division have been floating around the internet for a while now. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, especially considering how Apple has consistently led the tech world for the last several years.

Little has been revealed about “Project Titan” (the name for Apple’s autonomous car division), but recent domain registrations from Apple Inc. hint that the corporation is serious about their plan to create an industry-leading, self-driving automobile.

A recent report from MacRumors revealed that Apple registered three top level domain names related to the automotive industry: apple.car, apple.cars and apple.auto. These domain names were registered in December 2015, but weren’t noticed until January 8, 2016 when the Whois records were updated.

If you look up the Whois record for each of the three newly-registered domain names, you’ll notice that all three were in fact registered by Apple Inc., located at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA (the Apple HQ physical address). As an added confirmation, the registrant’s email is domains@apple.com.

Although this does not verify any release dates or other other insider information, it does give another clue that Apple continues to chip away at Project Titan. However, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, hasn’t officially announced plans for an autonomous car and hasn’t really addressed it with the media at all. In fact, he’s avoided the topic as much as possible.

If these domains aren’t for Project Titan, they may have to do with Apple CarPlay, which is a new way for Apple users to connect an iPhone to their car to allow for communicating with Siri, getting directions, receiving messages and listening to music. CarPlay was released with the latest IOS 9 update and is only available for select vehicles.

Whether apple.car, apple.car and apple.auto are connected with autonomous cars or Apple CarPlay may be unclear at the moment, but it is big news that Apple chose to register three generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) for a future project. We recently wrote in an article that we’re speculating that many of today’s large companies will start registering more of the new gTLDs. This could be the start of other corporations, particularly in the tech industry, registering gTLDs for a unique take on their latest product releases.

Many reports have said that Apple will be rolling out their electric cars as early as 2019, or more realistically 2020. Until then, we’ll just have to follow Apple’s domain name registration patterns to try and keep up with Project Titan.

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