NEW Control Panel In the Making!

I’m very happy to announce that development on our new user control panel has officially started. We finished up the design/user experience portion last week and have assigned a full time development team to start the integration process.

This new control panel will not replace the existing control panel but it will be an additional solution available at another URL. The new control panel is extremely different from the current panel. Not only does it allow you to manage domains, hosting, ssls, and more but it’s very straight forward. You will be able to instantly login and order any service with just a few clicks.

How is this different from the current solution? Well as of right now you have to login at, create a client, make sure the proper service plan/price is there, and THEN you can get into the actual order process. To me, this is very time consuming and unnecessary.

Our new control panel combined with the free billing system of your choice (Blesta, hostbill, WHMCS, etc) will make managing your business much easier. Your billing system will keep track of your clients and their services while in sync 100% of the time with our control panel.

This new control panel is just one of MANY things I plan to implement in the near future to make your Reselling experience the best it possibly can be! Be sure to stay tuned as I’ll be posting new updates/screen shots related to the new control panel as much as possible.


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