Must-Have Smart Office Devices

Must-Have Smart Office Devices

By now, you’ve probably heard of smart home devices. This is effectively any gadget or piece of technology designed to help your home run more efficiently and/or provide a more comfortable living space. The market for these has really taken off recently – nowadays you can do anything from asking Alexa to play all of Phil Collins’ greatest hits to turning the heating on when you’re still on the train and three stops away.

It may surprise you to learn, however, that there is also a variety of gadgets, apps and technology you can use in your office to maximize resources and optimize workplace efficiency.

Here are our essential picks for creating the best smart office:

Belkin’s WeMo Switch

Did you know that 20% of the energy consumed worldwide is from residential and commercial buildings? This is a huge portion of the total global energy use, and yesterday’s going green trend has turned into today’s gone-green norm. If you’re not being as efficient as possible with your office’s energy use, now is the time to make a change.

That’s where Belkin’s WeMo Switch comes in. It fits directly into your electrical socket and controls when power is delivered to plugged-in appliances. The Belkin WeMo Switch is controlled via a mobile app and schedules on and off times for any appliance or machine you plug into it. If you’re perpetually leaving your desk lamp plugged in when you leave for the day, or if you know your laptop will be fully charged within 2 hours of leaving the office and you don’t want it draining electricity all night, this is an excellent solution. Belkin’s WeMo Switch app is available for Apple and Android.

Netatmo Welcome

Most people who know about the Welcome associate it with indoor home security, but if you have a small office and want to save a few pennies, it can also be used to protect your business’s security. It’s a fairly straightforward plug-and-play setup, and the Welcome connects to a mobile app. It has facial recognition and detects movement, and can send clips to the connected mobile app on demand. The facial recognition means it won’t alert you when your nightly cleaner comes to vacuum, but if someone it doesn’t recognize shows up, its motion-sensor technology will let you know so you can take appropriate action. If you’d like an alternative to the Welcome, there’s Google’s Nest Cam, which doesn’t provide facial recognition but does offer two-way audio.

Elgato Eve Room

If your office is prone to poor air quality, you should invest in an air monitor that keeps track of when things become less than optimal. That’s where the Elgato Eve Room can offer huge health benefits to you and your colleagues: it monitors everything from humidity to temperature, and even watches out for volatile organic compounds like cleaning fumes or paint smells. The Eve Room is supported by Apple’s HomeKit, so if you’d like to stay within the Apple family this is a great solution. It also stores analytics data over time, so you can keep track of whether your air quality is getting better or worse.

Holmes Smart Air Purifier

If you would prefer a two-in-one air quality solution, Holmes’ Smart Air Purifier is the device for you. It connects to your mobile and monitors the air in your office, then sends alerts when the air you’re breathing approaches unhealthy levels. You can also preset its operation on a 7-day calendar, including options for time, duration, speed, and ionization. This way when you find out the air in your office needs a little pick-me-up, you can take immediate action and be breathing clear air in no time.

Use these essential smart office devices to get the best experience out of your workday! Do you have a smart office device that you like? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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