Managing Your Social Media Presence As A Reseller

Managing Your Social Media Presence As A Reseller

While you may not feel that social media is important to your reseller success, it can actually act as a direct line to those who currently use your services, or to those who may become clients in the future.

For hosting resellers, social media can represent two important areas of your business:

  • First, social media marketing can be used to find new clients, build your business, and increase brand awareness.
  • Second, social media is a way for existing clients to get in touch with you should they encounter any issues or have questions.

Social media is an inexpensive way to accomplish both of these important tasks – all that’s required is a little time, planning, and effort.

Today we will look at how to build and manage your social media presence as a hosting reseller.

Pick your platforms

Consider your audience before selecting which social media platforms you create an account with to make sure you are reaching the appropriate target demographic. We recommend Twitter and Facebook to get started. If you feel like you can easily manage more than two platforms, feel free to create accounts with additional platforms. Just be sure that you will be able to regularly update any platforms you choose. It is worse to have social media accounts that go unchecked than have no account at all.

Develop a strategy

How do you plan to engage with followers? You can create a blog, either on your website or through a separate platform like Medium. Alternatively you can share content from other leaders in the industry, and which content you share is completely up to you. However, it is important that you develop a strategy of some sort. Decide how often you will post and the type of information you will share. Once you create a routine, be sure to stick to it.

Set goals

Before you begin, decide what your social media goals are. Do you want 10,000 followers or do you want a quick response time? Perhaps you want both? Once you have set your goals, establish action plans to support them.

Start posting!

Make sure that anything you post on social media is tasteful and respectful to anyone who may read it. Stay away from political or inflammatory topics, and only share information from reputable, reliable sources. Also, be sure that you always spell check. You might consider downloading a helpful grammar editor like Grammarly to keep your content at its finest.  

Turn on notifications

Most small business owners aren’t thrilled about this helpful step. Notifications can be a huge pain, but they are necessary to keep up with client requests and complaints. Responding quickly can turn a negative situation into a positive one. Notifications can help you respond to issues quickly and stay up to date with your social media accounts.  


Take advantage of any chance you may have to boost your brand and interact with others online. Remember to always be polite and helpful. The more you can engage with your followers, the more followers you will have to engage with, and the more successful your reseller hosting business will be!

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