Make Your Domain Name Dynamic

It seems a simple question, but are you using your domain name to advertise your business? You’ve spent some time coming up with it, but how much are you publicizing it? Read on to find out how to effectively utilize your domain.

Advertising by its definition is transient.  Fifteen years ago few people would have even known what you meant when you said the word ‘domain’.  Today every brand and company is expected to utilize the internet. What’s the simplest way of doing this? Use your domain name!

Creativity in advertising is one of its attributes that make some ads art. In fact, if all you did was plaster your domain name everywhere you would not end up with desirable results, so there’s advertising’s value in one sentence! Advertising requires creativity, teamwork, brainstorming and much more. With that said, in certain circumstances all you really can do is display your domain name. Why?

Limited Space

In many instances advertising space is limited. For example, advertising in a football stadium or other large venue is extremely expensive. Every advertisement in this type of environment needs to send a message to the appropriate audience, but only using a very limited space (more space = higher advertising cost). The most economical way to send a message and include a call to action is by showcasing your domain name. This gives your audience a way to act rather than just enjoy your witty advertisement and struggle to remember your brand after!


In some cases you may only be able to include your domain name! This is another reason why it is crucial to purchase the ideal domain name for your business. Do whatever it takes to land the name of your business plus a .com, .biz or other TLD (Top Level Domain). More and more TLDs are being released every single month in order to give business owners a wider range of options for domain names. If your business is called ‘example’ and example.com is already taken, look for example.net or .info or anything else that may be related to your business.

Banner Ads

Once you have a domain name that fits your company, you can use that name to effectively advertise. Banner ads are effective  when it comes to promoting your domain around the web. These inexpensive ads are a great way to spread your name and get traffic to your website. Clicking on the ad leads the user to your site, but having your domain name on the ad can leave an impression even if they don’t want to leave the site they’re already viewing.

Strange Advertising Opportunities

You might have taken up an offer to have a stall at an event. It could be a ballgame or a school fair, so your options for advertising are slim. Make sure what chances you do have imprints your brand domain on people’s mind. Those great cupcakes? “We got them from that stall, what was the name? caketreats.com wasn’t it?”. You see the conversation.

Rule of Seven

There is an old rule in advertising called the ‘Rule of Seven’. This means that a consumer needs to see your message, or in this case your domain name, at least seven times before they’ll commit it to memory. This is why having your domain name on banner ads is a great way to spread your name. Other simple examples are business cards, fliers, social networking platforms and anywhere else you can fit your domain name.

Make it Easy to Spell

Research has shown that domains of nine letters or fewer are successful. Think of combining two words: ‘you’ and ‘tube’; ‘face’ and ‘book’. Add words on to the end to make it memorable.  Another tip is to ensure your domain is easy to spell. A big part of advertising is word of mouth. How many times has someone said to you “I’ve seen this great shop online”, then struggles to spell the domain? Tell ten people your domain, and ask them to spell it. If it is catchy and easy to spell, then it will stick in people’s minds.

The way we see it, if you’re advertising in any way you have no reason not to include your domain name. It is your easiest – and cheapest – call to action, and these days everyone recognizes a domain name when they see one.


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