Let Take The Hassle Out Of Marketing

Starting a business requires serious commitment, without even thinking about the issue of marketing. Let take that weight off your mind. 

Marketing your reseller business is no walk in the park. You have to consider your website, branding, social media, affiliations, logos and so much more. Maybe you’re a great web designer, but you might not have any experience with branding. Or, maybe you’re a social media expert but you don’t know the first thing about domain names.

Luckily for you, provides you with plenty of marketing resources to get your business off the ground. You can pick and choose what you feel you need to make your domain reseller or hosting reseller business stand out from the rest.

On the Marketing Resource page, you will find everything you need from graphics to landing page copy to additional information.

The following files are available:

  • Domains
  • Email
  • New-TLDs (top level domains)
  • Services

Each folder contains multiple resources that will help you build your business. There are also subfiles that will lead you to different graphics and logos that you can use on your site. For example, within the ‘New-TLDs’ folder alone you’ll find over 60 additional folders packed full of graphics, copy and guides that you can use.

How can all this help your reseller business? Let’s take a look at the impact that relevant graphics and copy can have on your site:


You will struggle to find a web designer that will tell you that graphics don’t matter. However, keep in mind the fact that you can’t just throw graphics and logos all over your site and expect positive results.

Placement is crucial when it comes to graphics. When visitors look at a site, their eyes are immediately drawn to the image. This can be good, but remember that graphics can also be distracting at the same time! This is exactly why graphics must be relevant to what you’re trying to portray. The last thing you want is to take the customer’s mind off buying with a graphic that makes them think of something else.

Within the marketing resources you’ll find hundreds of graphics and logos relevant to your business. You can also find graphics that can be placed on your landing page to increase conversions.







Select pieces of copy to use on your site. Similar to graphics, any content has to be relevant to the subject and should make the visitor want to react (in other words, buy!). Pageviews can easily become conversions with well-written and persuasive copy.

Good copy has to inform your visitor – i.e. potential client – exactly what makes your site better and different from the other resellers out there? You can tweak and add-on to the copy that has provided to customize it for your site.

Explore the hundreds of options within the marketing resources and not only will you find graphics and copy, but you’ll also find information and tips that will help  you grow your business. As a reseller, build your site and business with the best possible content for it to be successful. is always available to help its clients; we’re here to help you find success. If you have any technical difficulties while using’s resources, don’t hesitate to contact technical support.


If you’re looking for additional marketing help, send us a message via Twitter @resellbiz.


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