It’s Alive!

Happy Monday! I know we’re not used to being happy on Mondays after a nice relaxing weekend but this Monday I can say I’m extremely happy to be in the office.

The reason for that is I came into the office this morning and found the SSL section completed in our new control panel.

Listed below are a few screenshots of the SSL ordering process, please let us know what you think.

Step 1) Choose your SSL Type

Step 2) Generate / Provide a CSR

Step 3) Choose your Webserver type and best contact email address

Step 4) Verify your SSL Information and Submit for processing

Step 5) Order Submitted

And that about wraps up the ordering process. From Step 5 you would locate the email from our SSL Provider Comodo, Approve, and you’re done. All SSL’s will be manageable within the control panel on the SSL overview page as seen here:

Please let us know what you think. SSLs are just one small part of our new platform but a very exciting part as it’s our first SSL offering.

Have a wonderful week!

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