ICANN Rejects .music Domain

The .music gTLD fails community bid for the second time.

Applying for a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) is not an easy process. There is a lot of time and money involved and if the efforts come to nothing it can be a frustrating experience. The company behind .music experienced this disappointment for the second time when their application was denied by ICANN.

DotMusic Limited, applicant for the .music generic top level domain name, failed to pass the Community Priority Evaluation. The evaluation is an essential part of the application process. Had the .music gTLD passed, DotMusic Limited would have automatically been awarded the domain extension.

According to Domain Name World, the gTLD will now be held at auction to determine who will operate the domain name extension. DotMusic Limited only received 10 out of the

available points: 14 points are required to pass the application. On the specific Community Priority Evaluation, DotMusic was awarded 0 out of 4 points, which led to the overall failure of the application.

It has been assumed that the DotMusic Limited organization will file some sort of an appeal, but the fate of the .music extension is still unknown. This is not the first application that has run into problems along the way to open registration. Many other potential generic top level domains have suffered the same setbacks, and even ultimate denial of the application.

Below are a few domains that have experienced similar issues as .music:


The .amazon application was submitted by the online retail giant only to be heavily disputed by the governments of both Brazil and Peru. The argument states that the word Amazon doesn’t belong to the company but the geographic area. The two parties are at a standoff until further notice.  


This particular topic has been quite controversial in the last year, so it comes as no surprise that the gTLD should experience the same. What is surprising is the amount of support the .gay domain extension has received. The application was denied February 3, 2016 to the disappointment of many, but the appeals process may yield a different result


ICANN chose the .mail domain as one of the original rejections. The United States Postal Service felt that the word mail would mislead users into believing that they were somehow involved in the domain. The domain was created to validate authentic mail, but the application was pulled when disputes were raised.


If you have met someone from Boston, Massachusetts, then you may have noticed that pronunciation of the word “Boston” sounds more like “Bawston”. The .bawston domain was created in celebration of the regional dialect, but was denied when ICANN decided that the two words: Boston and Bawston sounded too similar and might result in confusion – even though Boston is not an approved geographic domain.  Yes, we were confused too…

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