ICANN 38 Roundup

The 38th International ICANN conference closed today – you can check out Rod & Peters’ closing statement below:

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to hop on the train to Brussels & attend in person. Here are my headlines:

The .xxx domain extension has finally received approval from ICANN board. The domain extension for adult content was initially rejected by ICANN and personally I think they’ve been caught out by their own appeals procedure so had little choice to pass approval. They have put some caveats into this approval so they may yet find an excuse to cancel it. Read the full story at the BBC

This week .org became the first registry to deploy DNSSEC at the root level. DNSSEC (domain name system security extensions) adds a layer of security to the DNS protocol, protecting Internet resolvers from forged DNS data. You can find out more about DNSSEC here.

Law Enforcement
This conference saw some really interesting moves and coordinated lobbying from a smorgasbord of Law Enforcement agencies from around the world. Interesting fact the UK’s Serious Crime Squad: in the UK you are more likely to be a victim of cybercrime than conventional crime.

New gTLDs
There was lots more discussion of about new gTLDs and what they’re going to do to the Internet. If you don’t know about gTLDs, ICANN are proposing allowing new global top level domains names. So for example bmw.com could decide to become just .bmw.

If you’re thinking of applying beware; applications cost around $250K and are non-refundable!

& finally here’s a picture of Rod Beckstrom (ICANN President) & Peter DT (ICANN Chairman) getting grilled by the registrars! 🙂

Rod and Peter at the ICANN Registrar Constituency Meeting

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