How To Take Full Advantage Of Facebook For Your Business

Your Facebook page can drastically improve your business, are you using it right?

Facebook has become not only the world’s largest social network, but also a platform for millions of small and large businesses to share information with people all over the globe.

Some of the obvious features of a Facebook business page are building a social hub for your brand, boosting posts in order to gain more reach, and using page insights to see how many people are visiting your page.

All of these tools are necessary for building a successful Facebook page, but we’ve come up with five additional ways you can get creative to maximize your efforts on social media. Besides, if your Facebook page is exactly the same as everyone else’s, why would potential clients give you the sought-after “like”?

Take full advantage of Facebook with these five easy tips:

    1. Create a Facebook quiz. You’ve seen them before: quizzes to find your soulmate, quizzes to find your “true age”, and quizzes to find what country you should actually live in. These quizzes may be fun, but could they ever actually create quality customer engagement? Yes! Quizzes are an entertaining way for your customers to see a fun side of your brand. 82% of people who see a quiz on Facebook take part in it…consider that for a moment!. Create a quiz that will intrigue your customers and then include a call to action at the end!
    2. Run a contest. How this works will vary depending on the type of business you’re running, but having a contest for your followers is a great way to get people excited about your brand. Consider a photo or “best caption” contest. Or, have your followers share an experience they’ve had with your brand. You can then choose the most creative photo or most inspiring story as the winner. People go to Facebook to be entertained and having a contest is a great way to accomplish that. Make sure you give away a prize worth your followers’ time!
    3. Embrace visual content. Not everyone wants to scroll through Facebook just to see what their friends are going to have for dinner that night, and they definitely don’t follow certain brands to hear their every business thought! Make sure to include intriguing photos and videos that your followers will enjoy seeing. Quicksprout found that posts containing visual content received 94% more views than those without. If you’re working entirely out of an office, show your followers what office life is like. If you’re running a clothing apparel brand, show your merchandise in action. You can even request your followers to send you pictures. Make sure you give proper credit for any videos or images you receive from someone else.
    4. Advertise the right way. Although this may not seem as creative, advertising should be a staple of your business’s Facebook page. The good news here is that Facebook already provides you with the tools you need in order to hit your advertising goals. We suggest following the Facebook For Business page to take full advantage of social media advertising. Once you have your ads set up, use compelling copy and your creative mind to make your brand stand out from the rest.
    5. Drive traffic to your website. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a Facebook page can replace a website. Trust us, you still need a website! Use Facebook (and other social media platforms) to drive consistent traffic to your site. Put your website up on your business’s profile page and also include your domain name on various posts. When running any kind of promotion, advertise it on Facebook and then send traffic to the actual promotion on your site. This works the other way around as well: link to your Facebook page from your website.

Every business should have a Facebook page. Make your business’s page just a little different by being creative and using Facebook as the social channel it’s meant to be. Remember, Facebook isn’t free advertising. It’s a social channel that keeps you engaged with your followers. Use it for that.

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