How To Simplify Your 2016 Marketing Strategy

Did your marketing strategy for the coming year become too complicated? See how you can simplify your strategy and be on track for a successful 2016.

Deciding which direction you want to take your business can be tough. If you’re just starting out, you might want to reach and then surpass some of your competitors. If you’ve been running a successful business for a few years now, maybe you’re looking to maintain the growth you’ve achieved. Whichever direction you’re headed, it’s important to keep your strategy simple.

We’re not suggesting you dedicate less time or resources to your marketing. Instead, we’re suggesting you work smarter in order to achieve your marketing goals and see real progress.

So where do you start? How can you simplify your marketing plan? Here are 5 easy ways to simplify, and in turn boost, your 2016 marketing strategy:

  1. Narrow your audience.

Rather than trying to reach the entire world (set your sights high, but not that high) focus on the specific audience that you want to target. By narrowing down your audience and identifying their specific interests, you can create more compelling content that will cater to that target group. This builds stronger ties and naturally establishes a friendly tone of voice with your clients.

In order to identify your audience, consider creating surveys and conducting social media research. Reach out to other members of your team to get their input. If you have someone that works directly with clients, ask them about the people they generally work with. If that someone is you, think about the interactions you have with your clients. Once you have an idea of your target audience you can direct your campaigns to those specific people.  

  1. Take advantage of social media.

Chances are you’re already on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (if not, go make business accounts for each one right now!). However, just because you’re on Twitter doesn’t mean you’re automatically driving additional traffic to your site. Create new and interesting content relating to your business that you can post on your social media channels. If you’re struggling with coming up with new posts, consider starting a business blog and then linking to your articles from your social media channels.

You don’t want to post too much as this can annoy followers and prompt them to unfollow you. However, when you feel like you’ve come up with interesting content that your clients would be interested in viewing, don’t hesitate to put it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Also, be sure to post the current deals and offers that you’re running, as clients will often find your current offers via social media. The best part is they can share it to their followers, and then their followers, creating a long chain that always leads right back to your site.

  1. Don’t get too caught up in numbers.

Data is everywhere. Yes, it’s great and yes you should use it! However, if you start analyzing every single piece of data that you can find about your business, you might start drowning. Avoid becoming obsessed with improving every number in the book. Instead of overwhelming yourself, pick the analytics that you find most important and relevant to your business’s current state and focus on improving those numbers. Once you’ve improved in one aspect, you can move on to the next one!

  1. Set attainable goals.

You have most likely already set some goals for 2016, but are they realistic? Sure, your goals should push your business, but there’s no point in setting goals that can’t be accomplished. To simplify your goals, break them down into monthly, weekly and even daily goals. This way you know exactly what needs to be done in order to accomplish those yearly goals.

  1. Utilize the tools readily available to you.

The great thing about marketing on the web is that you can find services that will do much of the work that may be out of your reach. For example, you can use Google Analytics to provide you with data pertaining to your website. If you’re struggling with social media, look to a service like Falcon Social that can help you boost your results. Resell.biz clients can use services like CodeGuard and SiteLock to better their website, and they also have access to our huge marketing resources library.

Explore the tools available to you. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to online business!

Still undecided which direction you want to go in 2016? Check out how you can get started as a domain name or web hosting reseller today! Visit Resell.biz to find the right path for you!


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