How To Market Your Reseller Hosting Business

How To Market Your Reseller Hosting Business

If you happen to be starting out on your reseller journey, congratulations! You are entering an exciting time as an entrepreneur. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the technical concerns of your hosting enterprise. Resell.biz takes care of everything behind the scenes, leaving you to focus on your business. The not so good news is that you now need to start bringing in clients to begin selling services. Before you get too panicked, take a look at our helpful tips on how to market yourself as a hosting reseller.

Start building a brand.

Business brands include logos, invoice templates, business cards, email signatures, the colors used on your website, and much more. You don’t have to build it all in one day, but it’s a good idea to start making some solid choices on fonts, colors, and tone of voice before you start to design your site.

Research your audience.

Who is your business targeting? Hint: the answer is not everyone. Be specific about who you plan to offer services to, so you can tailor your website to fit their needs. Find out basic demographic information, and research their likes and dislikes. The more you know about who you are talking to, the more efficient your conversations will be.

Define your mission and goals.

Try to write out exactly what you want to do, how you want to do it, what you want to achieve, and when you want to achieve it by. This doesn’t have to be a color portfolio with graphs and pie charts. A napkin, Word doc, or spreadsheet will do the trick. Be specific about your goals and how you will treat your customers. You will thank yourself in the future when you have a solid foundation to fall back on.

Spread the word.

As much as we wish that traffic starts pouring in as soon as a website is launched, this usually isn’t the case. It takes some work to spread the message about your great product and customer service. Pick a few social media avenues to get started. You can create usernames with as many as you want, but you’ll only need to focus on one or two to get started. Also, consider participating in web hosting forums and any other digital communication method that you think might work for you. Don’t spread yourself too thin or you will run out of steam. Create a small marketing campaign and build from there.

True entrepreneurs become advocates of their business. You may have met these people in line at the grocery store. In a matter of seconds, you know their name, business, and website URL. This is exactly the type of behavior you want to model. The more you can talk about your business and get other people talking about your business, the more successful you can be.

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