How To Improve Your Checkout Page [Infographic]

Do you keep losing customers at the last minute? Check out this infographic to help make sure your visitors become customers.

Everything is going according to plan: a visitor on your site is interested in your product or service. They read a little more about what you have to offer, they check their budget and then they click on the “checkout” button on your website. They have a shopping cart ready to go, but at the last minute they hit the little “x” in their browser and abandon their purchase. So close!

What went wrong? What made this visitor come so close to becoming a customer but turn away at the last second? It could be that they changed their mind, or it could be a small detail on the checkout page that forced them elsewhere.

The truth is, 68% of e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping carts. Over half the people that are supposedly serious about making a purchase online back out at the last minute. Imagine if you could see a 68% increase in conversions. Even if you could get half of that 68% back, it would be well worth it.

There are many factors that play into whether or not someone pulls the trigger on a purchase. Some are harder to fix than others, but we can at least start by improving the checkout page. Check out this infographic from VWO to get an idea on what statistically works and what doesn’t:

Click here for infographic

In summary, increasing security, simplifying the checkout process and avoiding last second charges (such as unforeseen increased shipping) seem to be the largest factors of whether or not someone decides to follow through with their purchase.

Make sure you’re not losing over 50% of your customers simply because of a poor checkout process. Improve your checkout page today! now offers services such as SSL certificates and SiteLock to improve the security on your and your clients’ sites. If you’re a client, you can access these features through your control panel.

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