How To Create The Perfect Email Subject Line

How To Create The Perfect Email Subject Line

The subject line on your marketing email can be the difference between a successful open rate and wasted effort. No matter what might be said about it, people judge their email by the subject line. It’s just a fact. So, making sure that your email subject line is as close to perfect as possible will serve you well. 

While the subject line is a very small portion of your email, it may require just as much work as the body content. Many marketers recommend testing as many email subject lines as you can to find just the right one. However, if this seems like more effort than you are willing to invest, then you are also in luck. 

To help guide you in your email marketing efforts, we’ve gathered some tips from industry experts. See below for our top ways to guarantee that your email reaches its final destination. 

Practice makes perfect: Email subject lines

Keep it short.

Email subject lines should be short and sweet, between 7-14 words, and free of complicated language. 

Use a friendly name instead of ‘no reply’.

Readers would rather see names like Jackson or Stephanie than Try to create a personalized connection with your readers.  

Be honest about what’s inside the email.

If you’ve ever been excited by an email subject line only to open it and find that it was all a trick, you will understand this tip. Be upfront about what the email contains and why. 

Use action verbs. 

Think of short, exciting words like ‘save,’ ‘win,’ or ‘see’ for best results in your email marketing efforts to encourage readers to take action. 

Send email at the right time.

Try to send your email marketing during a time when your readers are most likely to be engaged in your message. For example, a great time for bars and restaurants is 4pm on Wednesday evening. 

Ask a question.

Taking an interest in how your readers feel about a topic can work wonders towards boosted engagement. 

Use humor. 

People love puns and dry humor so take advantage! However, be sure to keep your jokes clean and respectful. 


Never use all caps, it has an inherently spammy feel to it. If you must include the idea of yelling, try to save it for the email message rather than the subject line. 

Getting in touch with your emotions

From storytelling to excitement, emotion is a crucial marketing element. Before sending, be sure that your email subject lines include some sort of emotion to connect with your readers. For examples, see the list we’ve gathered below:


Create a sense of urgency to encourage action and engagement in your marketing email without creating a threatening or intimidating message. 


Readers respond better when your efforts are an attempt to educate them or provide helpful tips in areas that interest them. 


Encourage excitement and interest, but be careful of appearing as clickbait. Try subject headlines like “We can’t wait for you to see…” or “Don’t miss out on…”


Be sure to quickly convey why readers should open your email. Make sure your message’s importance is relevant at a glance. 

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