How To Be Sure Your Email Is Delivered

How To Be Sure Your Email Is Delivered

Effective email marketing is still very much an inexact science. This is largely because consumer email habits are almost constantly in flux. Not to mention that many people don’t understand the technical processes that occur after you send an email. Email delivery rates are almost always achieved in spite of technical disadvantages like filtering and blocking rather than due to expert knowledge or methods. However, with a little research and planning, you can vastly improve your email delivery rates to reach your goals more quickly. 

It’s no secret that delivering an email successfully, for marketing purposes or otherwise, is crucial to effective communication, problem-solving, and driving a successful business. However, filtering mechanisms can quickly take a toll on your email delivery rates. To minimize the risk of being mistaken as spam or sent to the junk pile, take a look at our email best practices and boost your email success…

Start slowly.

Spam filters act according to your sender reputation. If you are new to reseller hosting, odds are that you have yet to send a large quantity of email. It’s best to send small batches of marketing information once a week rather than a sudden burst of thousands of messages. Over time, your sender reputation will catch up with your ambition and your email delivery rates will stay high while your unsubscribe levels stay low. 

Always include an unsubscribe option. 

If your email recipients cannot easily unsubscribe, you will almost certainly be marked as spam. This will damage your authority and domain respectability, so an obscure unsubscribe link should be avoided whenever possible. Also, be sure that you are up to date on all spam laws before clicking send. Breaking email laws can get you blacklisted or even fined. 

Use a dedicated email address.

Your mass email communications should come from a noreply@ or community@ email address rather than a staff member’s email address. If you can encourage your readers to save the address as trusted, your email open rate will greatly improve. You will then be able to monitor distribution and response rates more accurately. The alternative would be piecing together a variety of one-time-use messages from various senders. 

Avoid spammy language.

ISPs have gotten quite good at filtering based on individual aspects of email messages. For example, messages that include phrases like ‘free’, ‘urgent’, or ‘save’ are often blocked due to their spammy connotations. Also avoid all caps letters, dollar signs, exclamation points, etc in subject lines. Aim for informative email titles between 7-15 words.

Don’t forget mobile!

If you design for mobile, your message will automatically look great on a desktop. However, it doesn’t work the other way around when you design for desktop. Remember that more users than ever access email via a mobile device. Badly-formatted messages are quickly deleted or marked as spam. 

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