Happy New Year! Start The Year Off With Your Own Reseller Hosting Business!

Happy New Year! Start The Year Off With Your Own Reseller Hosting Business!

Welcome to 2019! Resell.biz wishes you a very happy and successful New Year.

A New Year is a fresh start. It’s a time for exciting changes and new opportunities. Whether 2018 was your best year to date or felt there were some improvements to be made, now is the time to look for new business ventures to support a successful year to come.

Many courageous individuals begin new businesses once January rolls around. In fact, over 627,000 small businesses are created each year. If you feel you are ready to put on your entrepreneurial hat, then you’ve come to the right place. Creating your own reseller hosting business might be your ticket to wealth and prosperity in 2019.

Below we’ve gathered the top benefits for creating your own reseller hosting business, and how they can fill your pockets and create a new business opportunity in the year to come:

#1. You control your business.

When you create a reseller hosting business, it belongs to you and no one else: you control all of the aspects of your reseller environment. Whether you start small or begin with a bang is completely up to you. Your reseller platform is completely white-labeled, so customers don’t know you partnered with Resell.biz. All your clients see is your terrific brand.

#2. Additional income.

If you are looking to generate additional monthly income, creating a reseller hosting business is a great way to get started. Once your business is off the ground, you can sell as much or as little as you want within the Service Level Agreement. Hosting resellers appreciate the flexibility and the extra money that comes in each month.

#3. Perfect side hustle.

Many people feel like they don’t have the time to start a new business, and you may feel the same way. The great news is that Resell.biz provides all the tools you need to get started, with no need to quit your day job. You can create your reseller hosting website and manage your business during the evenings and weekend – and in much less time than you would imagine.

#4. You don’t have to be a technical genius.

Don’t worry about the technology behind the scenes work: we will take care of that for you. Rather, you focus on helping your business grow and we will do the rest. If at any time you have questions or need a helping hand, our expert technical support team will be there to guide you.

#5. All the necessary tools are included.

Resell.biz packages include the resources you need to keep customers happy. Each reseller is fully equipped with a white-label website, a free domain, a domain manager control panel, and an extensive domain API. Each of your clients will have their own cPanel account to manage their hosting and 24-hour support has your back whenever you need it.

#6. You can start today!  

To learn more about becoming a hosting reseller, simply pop over to Resell.biz for a complete list of available packages. You will also see the tools and services automatically included to help you easily manage your business and succeed as a hosting reseller.

Start building your own reseller hosting empire today! Partner with Resell.biz.

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