Happy Birthday .club!

The generic top level domain (gTLD) .club recently turned one year old. This is what we have learned in the year since the .club release…

The release of hundreds of gTLDs has created a competitive domain registration market which the popular .club has taken by storm. Released in May 2014, over 32,000 .club domains were registered in its first 24 hour window of availability. Since then over 200,000 domains have been sold, and the domain has quickly secured the number two spot on the domain registration count, second only to .xyz.

From day one, .club made a big splash in the domain industry. Unconventional marketing avenues like celebrity endorsements and a huge party helped the web address ending get a leg up. For a new type of domain a fresh new marketing perspective can get you to the top.

You can find .club domains in use across 40,000 active sites in 128 countries around the world. In the short amount of time .club has been on the market, it has shown the rest of the gTLDs how to make a splash in the domain industry. Six-figure purchases include: for $140K, for $100K, and others, which when combined total more than $1 million in domain sales.

Good news! If you are looking to register your own .club you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars – $10 or $15 will do just fine at

Colin Campbell, founder and CEO of .club domains praised the web address ending’s success on the company’s one year birthday:

“As we celebrate our first birthday, we’re proud to say that .CLUB has launched more entrepreneurial sites that any other new domain, including subscription-based services, fan clubs, and more… A big part of .CLUB’s success is that the word `club’ is spelled the same and means the same thing all over the world,” … “So no matter the language, the alphabet or the culture, .CLUB has logical context and recognition all over the globe.”

According to Domain Name Wire, the majority of .club registrations are being used as placeholders, but 37% are speculated to have content. The post also shows the following .club statistics:

  • 32,338 or 61.9% of active sites are written in English
  • 106,399 or 75.2% have only 1 page published
  • 17,000+ sites have email accounts available to contact their current registrar
  • 1,000 have an online store
  • 5,000 have SSL certificates installed

Early sceptics thought that the new gTLDs would struggle to find buyers, or would be a place to harvest spammy sites, but one year on .club is continuing to show that gTLDs can go the distance in registered domains.

To find your perfect .club domain visit


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