It has been an interesting couple of weeks. We just pushed our first large revision of functionality within the hosting platform. Here are a couple of items we have drastically improved:

Improvement What it Does
Reseller Views Resellers can now easily view all services, accounts and sub accounts under their reseller account.
Search Search for accounts, services and orders all from a single location.
Improved Order Management Controls Better filtering, sorting and functionality including deleting and rejecting orders.
Full Screen Support Turn off windowed navigation and use the control panel as a browser if you’d like.
Password Management Password synchronization between cPanel and the reseller control panel is now complete. If Reseller control panel passwords are lost, easy e-mail retrieval is now available.

Overall, the Control panel is coming along nicely. The aesthetic changes that have happened recently have been outstanding. We’d like to hear what you would like to see though, drop us an e-mail or leave a comment to this post.

We’ve also been hard at work preparing for Hosting Con! We have been fabricating a custom putting green, who knew it was so much fun to work with foam and fiberglass ;-). It is going to be quite challenging, but a hole-in-one will earn our visitors the chance to win one of several apple products we’ll be giving away at the conference. Are you an Apple fan boy? Would you enjoy a new iPod or Mac? You should stop by our booth and put your putting skills to the test. We’ve also worked out a great relationship with our friends at cPanel. We are sponsoring a large portion of the cPanel party. Check it out!

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