gTLDs Hit The Big Screen

Find out more about how the entertainment industry is embracing new TLDs.

You’ve probably heard that the final installment in The Hunger Games series will be hitting the big screen this fall. From now until then, count on seeing the trailer way more often than you’d ever need to as the Hunger Games hysteria builds once again.

So why are we discussing The Hunger Games on our blog? Lionsgate, the production studio behind the films, has chosen a brand new gTLD to promote the fourth and final movie. The official promotional website on which you can check out the latest trailer for Mockingjay Part 2 can be found at the domain TheHungerGames.movie.

We’re really starting to see the new gTLDs hitting the big time. It may have taken some time for new gTLDs to really take off, but when a huge entertainment corporation such as Lionsgate chooses a .movie domain name ending for possibly its largest release ever, you know times are changing.

TheHungerGames.Movie isn’t the first gTLD we’ve seen in showbiz. Kanye West used the domain yeezy.supply to promote his recent Adidas clothing and shoe line.The website was used as a countdown to the release of Kanye’s product line. Now it appears to be counting up; let us know if you find out why.

We hope that Mr. West had a robust hosting solution powering his yeezy.supply website. If each of his 12 million Twitter followers clicked through on his numerous Tweets about the website, it will have seen a pretty impressive traffic flow. Thanks to Kanye West, those 12 million followers now understand that .supply is an alternative domain name option to .com.

We are starting to see these new gTLDs take off. In fact, over 6 million domains with new gTLDs have already been registered. It may only be a matter of time before we start seeing domains like .movie and .supply being used for more of our favorite sites.

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