Google Now Has A Parent Company

Alphabet Inc., Google’s new parent company, will operate under the new .xyz gTLD.

Google just made possibly the largest business move in company history. Larry Page, CEO of Google, and Sergey Brin, president, have announced that they will now operate a holding company for Google and its several entities.

This new business venture is called Alphabet. Google will continue on as the dominant search engine it is, along with its several branches such as YouTube, Android, Chrome and Maps. Alphabet will sit above Google while also managing several other companies such as Calico, Google X, and Fiber.

With Page and Brin venturing into Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of product at Google, will now step up as CEO of the world’s largest search engine. This move is thought to increase market share for Google and Alphabet.

Before you type in to learn more, take a step back (you won’t find what you’re looking for). You can pinpoint Alphabet’s online headquarters at Currently, you’ll find a press release written by Larry Page himself that outlines the future for both Google and Alphabet.

So why did Page choose a new gTLD for the future of Alphabet? The future of new gTLDs is bright and .xyz has proven to be the most popular of the bunch. We don’t expect that .com will see a decline anytime soon, but when tech geniuses such as Larry Page and Sergey Brin register a gTLD, you know that the new domain name endings are here to stay.

With this kind of publicity, expect .xyz domain names to fly off the shelves even faster than before. In fact, following the announcement of Alphabet, 250 .xzy domain names were being registered every minute. Maybe .xyz will actually become the next .com…

The gTLD boom is getting louder, and Alphabet choosing .xyz as its domain name increases the waves even more. We’ve seen new gTLDs pop up in the media and for up-and-coming startups, but Alphabet is by far the largest of the bunch.

Google did have a little fun with the launch of by including an Easter egg on the front page. If you click on the period right after ‘drone delivery effort’ you’ll be directed to, which is the Google-alike company on HBO’s Silicon Valley. It makes it even more perfect that both have used a .xyz domain name.

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