Getting Started With Domain Reseller – Part 1

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to introduce you to starting your own domain reseller business. In this section learn about the basics of a domain name, how you can sell them and how you can start your own reseller business.

Anyone can take advantage of the booming domain business. This is especially true in today’s world of demanding web presence. It’s near impossible to find a business, blog or even an idea that doesn’t already have a website. Every single one of these needs a domain name, and that’s where you come in.

First things first: what is a domain name?

A domain name can be thought of as the home address of your website. For example, www.resell.biz is a complete domain name. The ‘resell’ part is important to the domain name, but it is incomplete without the ending (the part after the dot). This part is called a TLD, or Top Level Domain. The TLD in our example is .biz. Other common examples are .com and .net. When you combine the domain with a TLD, you have a complete domain name.

Each domain name needs to be connected with a server. This process is called DNS, or Domain Name System. Keeping it simple, each domain name is linked to an IP address which is made up of a long list of numbers that is used by your browser to find a website.

This is why each domain name must be registered. Once a domain is registered the accompanying IP address can be placed on a server and the corresponding website can be connected.

This sums up why domain names are so important. If domain names didn’t exist, we’d have to type in (the IP address) every time we wanted to go to Resell.biz.

What is a domain reseller?

Exactly what it sounds like: someone who resells domains. Not too complex, but you may be wondering where you buy the domains from and who you sell them to.

That’s where Resell.biz comes in. We are an accredited domain registrar (more on that in the next installment) meaning we can purchase domain names from an organization and then allow you to sell them at your own prices. We provide you with the merchandise and you move forward and manage the business.

In reality, your clients are actually registering the domain names that you sell them. Once you register a domain name, you still have to renew it with your registrar every few years. The amount of time between registration is predetermined when you purchase the domain name.

What does a domain reseller do?

You are given complete control of your reseller business. You can purchase as many or as few domains as you’d like. Once you launch your business, you’ll have the responsibility of:

  • Managing a reseller store
  • Setting up a super site (the site that you’ll manage)
  • Having access to a fully functional Control Panel
  • Buying domain names at discounted prices with the intent of reselling them for a profit
  • Branding your business
  • Offering clients the option to to also become resellers of their domains
  • Configuring payment details for your clients

 To keep it simple, we provide you with everything you need in order to start your domain reseller business. From there, you can add or remove anything you like. You have autonomy to brand your business how you want, and it’s entirely up to you how you attract clients; you can even set your own prices.

 Where do you begin?

 To get started, check out our domain reseller page. From there, all you need to do is click ‘SIGN UP NOW’ and you’ll be asked to create an account. Once you’re approved by one of our techs (we do this to avoid spam), you can start selling right away!

 If you have questions about setting up an account, you can chat live with one of our experts. As a domain reseller you’ll have access to your friendly customer service. If you (or your clients) have any issues along the way, you can always contact our support team or refer to the Resell.biz Knowledge Base.

 Welcome to the domain reseller world!



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