Facebook Introduces New “Reactions”

Facebook is testing new emojis that will give users more options than just a simple “like”.

Ever since the introduction of a “like” button, Facebook users have been asking for more ways to express their emotions online. Many people have even called for a “dislike” button to show their discontent. Sure that’s a little harsh, but many of Facebook’s users agreed that they’d like to see a wider variety of emotive options.

Last month Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, hinted that Facebook was indeed working on a “dislike” button. The internet of course responded in a frenzy, spreading the word and making up details along the way.

On October 8 Facebook announced that it was in fact testing new options to express emotion, but not necessarily in the form of a “dislike” button. Instead, Facebook is working on emotive response emojis (similar to those you use on your smartphone) in order to give users more options.

This new feature will be called “Facebook Reactions”, and will give us the option of seven emojis expressing different sentiments. Facebook will keep the traditional “like”, but will also add a heart, a laughing face, a beaming smile, a surprised face, a crying emoji, and a furious furrowed-brow face. These emojis look strikingly similar to those on the iPhone, with the exception of the heart.

Click here to see the video from Facebook showing what these new emojis will look like.

In fact Zuckerberg’s response was clear when faced with the question at a conference last month:

Facebook Reactions is currently being tested in Ireland and Spain. If testing goes well, look out for the new emoji lineup coming soon to your Facebook app or within your browser.

What do you think? Will Facebook be able to create a more empathetic environment? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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