Expert Tips To Improve Your Content [Infographic]

Looking for a content boost for your website? Check out these 46 tips from industry experts.

It’s easy to hit a wall when trying to come up with creative content for your website, blog or social media platforms. As time goes on, it becomes increasingly difficult to create content that will be consistently engaging for your visitors and social media followers.

Although difficult, there’s no denying how effective new and refreshing content is when it comes to attracting new visitors to your website. But how do you continually come up with fresh content that both your followers and potential clients will love?

There are of course several methods you can try to give your content a boost, but sometimes it’s best to take a step back and listen to the experts. Rather than creating the same content over and over again that yields the same results, why not try a new approach? Venngage, an online infographic company, explained that content needs to be “addicting”, or rather, good enough that it’s worth sharing. Addicting content keeps the same visitors coming back, while also attracting new traffic that’s never been to your site before.

Once you start creating this level of content, your SEO will boost ten fold. Google rewards websites that produce engaging and original content, so it’s no surprise that once your content improves, so will the traffic on your site. Like we always say, content is king when it comes to SEO.

In order to define truly addicting content, Venngage spoke with 140 of today’s leading marketers. They then compiled what they considered to be the best 46 pieces of advice from these industry experts into an infographic. Keep this advice in mind when devising your own content strategy so you can create addictive content that will improve your SEO.

Addictive Content Infographic

Infographic made with Venngage

Now that you have 46 fresh new ideas for creating addictive content, apply it to your own website and blog! If you’re a web hosting reseller, relay these ideas onto your clients so they have an idea on what kind of content equates to better SEO and conversions.

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