End Of The Year Tips For Resellers

Before we reach 2016, there are a few simple maintenance items recommended for domain resellers. Read on to learn more…

As the December month whips by us in our preparations for the holidays, you might want to set some time aside to complete this reseller checklist we have compiled with help from Domain Name Wire and our in-house domain experts.

2016 is projected to be a record-breaking domain year, so why not get off to a good start? Take a look below at our helpful tips to be sure you get started on the right foot:

  1. Inventory

Make a list of all domains that you currently own. It’s a good idea to compile a helpful spreadsheet complete with prices and renewal dates so that none of your hand-selected domains fall through the cracks. Compiling all this information will also help enormously once tax season comes around.

  1. Renewals

Once all of your domains are on one easy-to-view sheet, take a look at which ones will be up for renewal in the coming months. It might be a good idea to renew as many as you can with your surplus 2015 cash. If you aren’t quite ready to stretch your funds into 2016, create a game plan to help you achieve all of your goals for the upcoming year.

  1. Close Out Sales

If you are in the middle of negotiations for buying or selling domains you will want to close out as many as you can before December 31st. Not only will this help you for tax purposes, but it will also stock up on domains for 2016.

  1. Portfolio

Why wait until the new year to get your portfolio in order? Get ahead of the game by doing it now – you will thank yourself in a few weeks. Domains are set to fly off the shelves at record pace this year, so anything you can do in the month of December will get you one step ahead come January.

  1. Set Goals

Think ahead to this time next year. What would you like your portfolio to look like? How much money do you want in the bank? What new domains are you planning to look into? Answer all of these questions now to ensure that you achieve all of your goals in 2016. Dream big and do the footwork to become a resell success!

Happy Holidays to all of our valued clients and good luck in the upcoming year from all of us at!!!

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