Email Marketing for Beginners

Email Marketing for Beginners

The Radicati Group recently estimated that there are 269 billion emails sent each day. With that many emails whizzing through people’s inboxes, how can you make sure your email marketing stands out from the crowd? Use these helpful tips to ensure your emails get top priority, no matter who theyre sent to.

Send your emails to people who want to receive them

There are countless online businesses that will sell you a list of email addresses that you can then send your marketing emails to, ensuring youll get an excellent return and be able to attract new customers. The downside? They are full of people who did not sign up to receive your emails, which means that they are far less likely to read your emails when they do receive them. Youve got a hard sell on your hands. Instead of depending solely on these lists, curate your own email marketing lists from customers who interact with your business in some way. Whether they subscribed to your blog or requested to receive your emails via an online form, the fact that they wanted to receive your marketing emails will be a huge step up for you when trying to convert them to a sale. Just make sure they sign up before you start emailing them you still need to be CAN-SPAM compliant.

Prioritize above-the-fold content

So youve made it into your customers inbox and theyve opened your email. You may only have a fraction of a second to attract their attention, so make sure the first thing they see is the best material you’ve got. This is whats called above-the-fold content, which is a nod to the newspaper industry which leads with their best headlines above the fold in the center of the newspaper to attract the most readers. Your above-the-fold content could be a nice graphic, a clickable button, or a notification of your latest offer, but whatever it is, make sure it’s compelling enough to get them to take action.

Be brief

With the internet came the ability to work at a faster pace than the world had ever experienced, but that also means that time is of the essence in all communication. Unless you’re sending out a newsletter, make sure your content is brief and to the point. Even better, aim to have one goal per marketing email you send. The more content a person is exposed to in an email, the more they will feel overwhelmed with the options and delete your email. Keep your message brief and to the point, and your customers will know exactly what information theyre being presented with.

Give them something for free

Think theres no such thing as a free lunch? Think again. Engage your customers by offering them free content, and make sure that content is something they actually want. Create a white paper or an infographic, send this out to all of your customers, and make sure to let them know in the subject line what youre giving them that will make them more likely to open and to click the email.

Use your analytics

There are so many ways to get ultra-fine analytics for your email marketing, so make sure you put these to use. Delivery, open, and click rates are the pillars that hold up the email marketing castle, so pay special attention to those. Then try using A/B testing for the different parts of your emails, including subject lines, white space, image placement, calls to action, and more. Data is one of the most valuable assets you have in your email marketing arsenal, so put it to good use and youll be ready to reap the many rewards.

There you have it: our best tips to get your marketing emails off to a running start! Put these useful tips to good use and make your emails work for your business.

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