Domain Names Are Being Registered At A Record Pace

Over 460,000 domain names were registered on November 7, 2015. What’s driving this huge increase in registrations?

As we move towards a connected world, it’s not a huge surprise that domain name registrations continue to increase. The rate at which they’re growing does however spark our interest.

Over 460,000 domain names were registered this past Saturday, setting the record for the most domain names registered in one day. This came as a surprise to many, especially considering the fact that weekends don’t usually attract as many domain name registrations.

But Saturday wasn’t the only huge day for domain names. New domain name registrations have skyrocketed during the current quarter. We’ve seen a steady increase over the past couple of years (mainly due to the high demand for websites), but this quarter has seen entirely new levels of domain names.

What’s behind the sudden increase in registrations?

There is some speculation as to what’s driving so many people to register domain names. A large part is contributed to new and exciting generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) such as .xyz and .top.

On November 7, over 136,000 .top domain names were registered. This new gTLD went live in November of 2014, and has really made a push during its first year. .top is currently the second most registered gTLD, second only to .xyz. In fact on Saturday, more people registered .top domain names than .com. One reason is because .top is still new and no .top domain names are being deleted. However another reason is simply that it has increased in popularity.

The consistently popular .xyz domain name extension saw over 14,000 domain name registrations on Saturday. This figure seems low compared to .top, but 14,000 registrations in one day for a domain name that’s been around for almost two years is still impressive.

What does this mean for me?

So why do we keep bringing up recent domain name growth? A large reason is to illustrate how important it is to have your own domain name locked down. It’s not uncommon to see over 1 million domain names registered in one week. In other words, domain names are going quick.

If you have a business, we suggest registering every domain name that relates back to your business name, especially the increasingly popular ones such as .xyz and .top. This protects your brand by keeping all closely-matched domain names in your control.

As a domain name reseller, make sure you’re on top of offering the most competitive rates and the most intriguing domain names to your clients. With so many new domain names being registered every day, differentiate your domain name business by offering the best.

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