How Much is Your Domain Name Worth?

If you are thinking of selling a domain name, or even purchasing one, you need to get an understanding of its value. As in any business, the true value of a domain is how much a buyer is willing to pay for it. If you have valued your domain at a high price, but are unable to find someone willing to pay for it, then that is not its true value, just what you want for it.

Many individuals wanting to sell a domain name will visit a website for appraisals. There are a good number of different sites that you can visit to get your domain appraised. It can help to visit a lot of sites to get a better overall picture of your domain name’s worth.

However, these appraisals are just estimates; they are not the guaranteed price of what your domain will sell for. You must remember that it could be tempting to trust the website that will give you the highest appraisal, but truthfully if you run an appraisal on the domain of your site, so can the potential buyers of your domain. And they are going to want to spend the least amount that they can.

What Can Make Your Domain More Valuable?

There are some important things to consider in regards to making your domain more valuable. The majority of individuals are wanting to purchase a domain that is very successful, and the success is based on customers and page views. A site that is currently a proven traffic magnet will carry over some of those users to the new website even if the ownership changes.

Some of the factors that you should look into when you are trying to determine the value of a domain might be:

• How long the domain is: The shorter and more memorable the domain, the higher its value.
• How many words the domain has: Similar to length, domains that don’t have many words will cost more, so a domain with one word will cost the most.
• The life of the domain: Domains that have had a long life are better ranking in the search engines, therefore their value is increased. Although, a lot of sites that have been around a long time aren’t even for sale, therefore to convince the owner to sell might cost more
• Use and spelling of domain words: A domain that has a common word, and has normal spelling is more likely going to cost more
• Extension of domain: Generally the most valuable domain extension is the .com. Since .com is what the majority of browsers default to, and the most widely recognized among Web users, it can cost more to have it as an extension.

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