Domain Dos And Don'ts

Domain Dos And Don’ts

In the globally connected world of today, brand identity is largely shaped by domains, also called web addresses or URLs. A web address is the first important decision you will make about your website and your business. The keywords used in your domain will help shape your voice. and also how customers will find you online. 

Choosing the perfect domain

If you have spent time searching through available domain names, you might have felt overwhelmed by the variety of options. So how do you determine which domain is right for your reseller hosting business? Below we have assembled some helpful tips to guide you in your quest for the ultimate domain for your website.

The ultimate list of domain dos and don’ts 

As the first important step toward owning your own reseller hosting business, you want to be sure that your domain suits your purposes before you begin building your brand. You can always change your domain name, but in many cases, it may not be worth the additional work, time, and budget involved. Our tips below can help you get on the right track to making solid decisions that you won’t have to second guess: 

Do: Keep your domain short

The shorter the better! However, it’s going to be pretty tough (and expensive!) to find a 2, 3, or 4 letter domain. A domain name can technically be 256 characters, but you should aim for between 6-14.

Don’t: Make your domain hard to spell

You don’t want website visitors getting lost when looking for your website. Practice typing out your prospective domain name to search for spelling errors that might exist. Not knowing if there is one L or two can be the difference between a sale and a flop. 

Do: Use keywords

Keywords like hosting, internet, website, and many others can help website visitors instantly know what you are about. 

Don’t: Register disreputable domain extensions 

While the .XXX or .WTF domain extension may be on sale, it doesn’t lend well to a reputable, respected business. Stick to the more mainstream options like .COM, .SITE, or geographic extensions like .NYC. 

Do: Choose something memorable

Don’t be afraid to add some personality or pizzazz to your domain name. The more it sticks in your website visitor’s mind, the better. 

Don’t: Mimic another website

Amazom and Geegle are terrible ideas for your next domain name. Instead, be unique and let your brand and domain name tell a story. 

Do: Register your domain for as long as possible

Registering a domain name for a year is great, but too often we see clients change their payment or billing information and miss out on domain renewal because they haven’t updated their details. Save yourself hassle and money by registering your domain name for the longest time frame available. 

Do: Protect your brand by registering a variety of web address endings

Brands are best protected when a variety of domain names are registered for the same address. For example, type Gogle.com into your web browser. You will find the friendly face of Google even though you misspelled the URL. This is because Google took the time to register domain names that others could use to misrepresent their brand. 

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