Do You Need A .BlackFriday Domain Name?

The biggest shopping day of the year is almost here. Is it worth having a .blackfriday domain name to promote your online sales?

The Black Friday madness will officially begin Thursday afternoon (yeah, so much for “Friday”). This crazed shopping day – which is slowly becoming a weekend-long event – has become the biggest shopping event of the year for retailers all around America. Crowds line up hours before doors officially open in the hope of snagging the best deals.

Whether you’re a supporter or a protestor of Black Friday, there’s no denying that it’s a huge day for business. Although it originally started as a day for retail shops to cut prices on the hottest Christmas gifts, it has now spread over into the realms of the internet.

If you’re running an e-commerce site, is it worth getting in on the madness and offering huge deals to your customers? Most e-commerce site owners will agree that you shouldn’t miss out on the huge traffic that your site could potentially see.

That leads us to our next question: is it worth registering a .blackfriday domain name to promote your huge sale?

So far the .blackfriday gTLD has just over 12,000 registrations. Not a bad number considering it really only works for about one week out of the whole year. But even with .blackfriday having such a limited purpose, it tells your customers a lot about your e-commerce site.

For example, many online companies do away with Black Friday sales since Cyber Monday is right around the corner. By registering a .blackfriday domain name you can promote your big deals that will be going on a couple of days before the internet’s biggest shopping day. Why not take advantage of both?

If you’re just now getting around to registering a domain name, you might not have time to build a site around .blackfriday. However, most online companies are using .blackfriday to redirect their visitors to their biggest deals on their site rather than having a separate website for Black Friday. and for example redirect their visitors to the homepage that displays all of the their Black Friday deals. You could do the same for your big sale!

Like we said before, this unique approach tells your visitors that you have something special planned for Black Friday. Let the internet know that you have the best post-Thanksgiving deals around!

A new gTLD is a great way to promote your company. Check out to register the latest gTLDs for your business!

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