.coms Are Still King

We love gTLDs, but don’t forget that .com still packs a punch.

Since ICANN released hundreds of new generic Top Level Domains, or gTLDs, resellers have been grabbing them by the handful. Domains ending in .xyz, .club and .tech have been creating big waves, but let’s not forget the domain that got us started: .com.

The .com TLD has been with us now for 30 years and has 125,263,338 total registrations at the time of writing. You can bet that the .com domain isn’t going anywhere soon, and that you will always find a top seller for a worthwhile .com domain.

What does .com mean?

Originally, .com was an abbreviation for commerce. Even 30 years ago, web gurus knew that ecommerce was going to be a successful online industry. Since then .com has also become synonymous with information; anyone searching for a professional information center knows that a .com domain is the best place to start.

As of late, those looking to register .com domains have discovered that they are now in short supply. This is a good and bad situation all wrapped up into one. It is good because the .com market has never been better for those looking to invest in domains. As the supply gets smaller the demand grows meaning more money for resellers. The bad news is that as gTLDs gain footing the options for potential successful domains broadens.

Where do resellers go from here?

If you are looking to invest in domains, the best plan of action is to search for .com domains that haven’t been invented yet, or use a name that is made up. Get creative and try to predict the next Google, Twitter or Etsy. They’re really not that difficult due to two important factors. First, domains have to be easily said out loud to be successful, so domains that don’t easily translate are no-gos. Second, there are only so many different vowel combinations available that are easy to pronounce while also being six characters or less. Get a pen and paper and put yourself in the shoes of potential website owner and see where it takes you.
If you are looking for the next big thing in gTLDs you will need to do some thorough research. Stay up to date with the latest trends by reading up on domain blogs and forums. Before long you will become a self-made domain guru. Just like anything else, domains are fashionable and the more you can learn about what website owners are registering, the better you can become at buying the domain first. Registering domains is not an exact science but there are some resellers out there who have become domain wizards with a little guesswork and research.

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