.COLLEGE Is Right Around The Corner

Whether you’re marketing to the booming industry or just trying to relive the glory days, check out how a .college gTLD may be worth registering.

College students today know the digital world. Most of them went through high school with a smartphone in one hand and a laptop in the other. If you browse a college campus today you’ll notice that most students are glued to their MacBook Pros and Surface tablets.

Many of today’s college courses are carried out entirely online, and even campus-based classes usually have homework and quizzes that are completed through the University’s learning management software. College students today spend more time on their laptops or at the campus lab than they do with their noses in a textbook.

This is why .college domain names are sure to be a hit. Today’s college students understand the ins and outs of the internet, and many of them know all about domain names and online marketing. These future entrepreneurs and tech venturers will surely see .college as a credible and hip web address.

It’s expected that the new gTLD .college will be released for early access on September 22, with official registration beginning on September 29. With such a large industry, expect the popular names to go quick.

What are the expectations for .college?

In 2014, 12.3 million Americans between the ages of 18-24 were enrolled in college. This doesn’t include the huge number of international students or students over the age of 24. With such a large demographic it’s no surprise that so many businesses target young college students.

Although most students are trying to get by on a tight budget, that doesn’t mean they won’t spend the necessary money on a crew neck sweatshirt with their school logo embroidered on front or pay a little extra monthly for the dorm room equipped with a mini fridge. And on top of that, most students are forced to pay more than they’d ever want for books and other necessary supplies. College students are consumer machines, and most of them go to the internet before anywhere else.

Online companies marketing to college students will soon have the opportunity to attach .college to the end of their web addresses. There are also tons of websites aimed at college students but don’t actually sell anything directly, for example, college life blogs, university athletics websites and all kinds of forums to help students study and learn.

Here are some specific areas that may benefit from a .college gTLD:

  • University apparel
  • Textbooks
  • College athletics
  • Blog about surviving college
  • Departments within a university
  • Campus housing
  • Website/blog about making the most of college
  • Website offering help with homework
  • Online notes/tutorials
  • Campus gossip (let’s hope not…)

If you’re involved in any way with the college industry, consider registering your domain name before someone else snatches it up!

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