Cloud Or Shared Hosting? The Ultimate Reseller Question

Cloud Or Shared Hosting? The Ultimate Reseller Question

Ready to become a hosting reseller? If so, we can help. Before you choose your hosting method, be sure you take a look at all of your options.

It’s important for potential hosting resellers to do their homework before committing to a hosting plan. There are a variety of options for each hosting method, and it’s not always obvious which will work best for you.

In this article, we will discuss both Cloud and Shared Hosting to help you make informed decisions about your reseller web hosting options.

Shared Hosting: The Basics

Shared Hosting is what most individuals think of when they consider reseller hosting. Multiple users share a server to cut down on cost while still benefiting from the bandwidth and storage they need to operate. Most users don’t notice that their services are shared and experience high speeds and ultimate connectivity.

Shared hosting is low cost and offers a plethora of helpful tools and platforms for your reseller hosting business. Many resellers will automatically opt for shared hosting due to how easy it is to manage and how familiar clients are with the services. See a few shared hosting perks below:

Advanced Email Hosting

Each hosting package includes email and email list management.

Customer Control Panel: cPanel

The world’s favorite control panel makes managing your reseller account easy.

Linux Hosting

Reseller hosting is Linux based so you can join the Linux community.

WHM Control Panel

Complete administrative control so you can monitor your services around the clock.

Cloud Hosting: The Basics

Reseller Cloud Hosting is similar to shared hosting, except that each feature is supercharged. For a few extra dollars a month, you receive everything you can expect from shared hosting plus additional speed, connectivity, and uptime.

Additionally, you have more control over your reseller options. Cloud Hosting packages scale from 2-6 CPU cores and between 2-6 GB RAM. All packages include unlimited email accounts and unmetered bandwidth. Hosting resellers typically opt for cloud hosting because they enjoy marketing a robust infrastructure, unbeatable uptime, instant scalability, and completely redundant servers.  

How to know which to choose

Whether you choose Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting is entirely up to you. To help decide, you may want to consider your marketing strategy. If you would like to boast affordability then you might want to choose Shared Hosting. However, if you want to market uptime, speed, and connectivity, then Cloud Hosting is your best bet.

By creating a list of your goals and a rough sketch of your end product, you can decide which hosting method is best for your reseller hosting business. To learn more about Shared and Cloud Hosting from Resell.biz, be sure to visit Resell.biz today!

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