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.CO – A shortcut to success: Part II

by Clint

The .CO began life in 1999 under the direction of Colombia’s Universidad de los Andes who quickly understood that the shortened extension might have some commercial value. It soon found it self in the cross-hairs of the Colombian government who rejected their bid to treat the domain like a .COM extension.  The government viewed the…

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by Dan

It has been an interesting couple of weeks. We just pushed our first large revision of functionality within the hosting platform. Here are a couple of items we have drastically improved: Improvement What it Does Reseller Views Resellers can now easily view all services, accounts and sub accounts under their reseller account. Search Search for…

Try Our New Product, Free!

by Dan

It has been quite some time since I took a moment to post about our progress. I am happy to announce, if you haven’t already noticed, the release of our new Classic Reseller Hosting product! I am quite proud of it. The journey from concept to launch has been rather complex but that has made…

Taking a Stand

by Dan

Its been a couple of weeks since I posted. The anxiety has been building and along with it, the stress, I have this nagging tension pain between my shoulder blades, but we are really close to launching our new platform. Talking about the progress we have made feels therapeutic to be honest. So you may…

Verisign Domains Promotion

by Ben Gabler

Back in May I announced that Verisign the registry for .com and .net domains would be increasing its prices on the 1st July 2010. There has never been a better time to renew or transfer your domains You can avoid this increase by renewing or transferring your domains before June 30th, and to help do… Survey

by Ben Gabler

Thanks to everyone who took part in the customer survey – the online poll and prize draw is now closed. We had over 900 entries & I’ll be announcing the winner of the iPad in the comments shortly! Every submission was read and you provided some really great feedback. Good and bad, your experiences…

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Verisign Price Increase

by Ben Gabler

Under its 6 year contract with ICANN, VeriSign, the registry for .com and .net domain names, is allowed to increase the fees it charges registrars by up to 7% a year. VeriSign is allowed to do this on up to four occasions and has done so twice already. Earlier this year, VeriSign announced a third…

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