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Amazon Dashes Forward With New Home Technology

by Colten Van Tussenbrook

Amazon has created a solution to consumers going to their cupboards for household essentials, only to find their desired item was forgotten about in the weekly shop. But is it just a little too out there to catch on? And what will it mean for competitor brands?

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Big Data – Too Much Information?

by Colten Van Tussenbrook

Companies such as 23andMe gather data from clients and proceed to disperse the information. How far is too far when it comes to big data?

Goodbye IE, Who’s Next?

by Colten Van Tussenbrook

Microsoft has announced that they will not keep Internet Explorer for the highly anticipated Windows 10. What will take its place?

Google Opts For Facts Rather Than Fans

by Colten Van Tussenbrook

Google is proposing to rank websites on factual information rather than how popular they are. How could this affect your site and the sites you search for?

Facebook Releases New Dynamic Product Ads

by Colten Van Tussenbrook

Find out how Facebook’s newly available advertising is changing the way companies promote their individual products.

Diving Into The Deep Web With Memex

by Colten Van Tussenbrook

A new search engine is now capable of investigating the deep web. Read more about the hidden internet that most of us never see and what is being done to find it.

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