Boost Your Reseller Hosting With Social Media

Boost Your Reseller Hosting With Social Media

If you are one of those lucky individuals who has already set up your reseller account and your amazing new website, you will know that all that’s left is to market your new business. This is especially the case since Resell.biz handles all of your technical tasks behind the scenes.

However, you may be asking “How do I promote my business without spending a lot of money?” Don’t worry, we can help!

For small businesses just starting out, social media is a great place to start a foundational following and customer base. For example, even starting out with friends and family can raise significant awareness about what you are trying to achieve.

As your business grows, you can supplement your social media following with paid ads to really get the attention you deserve.

Getting started with social media accounts.

In your first few months of business, you probably only want to choose two or three social media platforms to focus on.

Feel free to create profiles on many platforms to reserve your brand name, but be sure not to spread yourself too thin. An empty or rarely tended social media page is worse than no social media page at all.

To get started, pick Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, and try to create some branding images that will help your business stand out. Invite people you know to follow your page and ask them to share any content you may have published. If you have a blog, you can share anything you’ve written at regular intervals to boost available information on your profiles.

It’s important to update your social media accounts regularly, and make sure you showcase your products and services. Boast your superior customer support and spectacular response time. Engage with anyone who contacts you, thank followers, and offer advice when possible. Checking in regularly helps customers feel like you are paying attention to their needs and available to discuss any issues that might arise.

If you like, you can create promotional codes for special deals on the hosting packages you offer. You can even create contests to gain additional attention and audience reach.

However, it is important that you have a set plan in place before you publish too much content to make sure that you are working towards an end goal.

Making sure that social media is working for you.

To be certain that you are focusing your attention in profitable ways, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Set benchmarks to pace your growing social media accounts. Where do you want to be in six months? How about in a year?
  • Remember that clients will likely attempt to contact you through social media about technical issues. Be sure to set up notifications in the event that you need to respond.
  • Be professional on all business related accounts at all time. Never share anything that could be seen as offensive or damaging to your brand reputation.
  • Keep conversations light and optimistic. Always apologize when a client is upset.
  • Don’t be afraid to engage with industry influencers and anyone who is doing well at marketing their business on social media.
  • Engage as much as possible. Each contact you follow or ‘like’ you give boosts your own social reputation.
  • Be very careful about the content you share. Oftentimes, content can be poorly sourced or even blatantly false. Be sure that your brand only boasts factual information.

If you have yet to begin your resell hosting journey, get started today at Resell.biz.

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