Beyond Social Media: Introducing Web Hosting Forums

Beyond Social Media: Introducing Web Hosting Forums

In this world of social media, instant messages, and a constant stream of notifications, it can be hard to remember back to the era of chat rooms and message boards. You might be surprised to hear that online web forums are actually alive, well, and quite crucial to marketing your reseller hosting business.

Forums act as a place where those who may be struggling with an issue or might be new to web hosting can ask questions and receive help from industry experts. While the number of active forums may have dwindled, the remaining sites are quite popular. Learn more about how a web hosting forum can help you increase brand awareness and land more customers.  

What are web hosting forums?

Similar to our favorite late-90s’ chat rooms, online forums are a message board where users can ask a question and wait for others to leave helpful responses below. While forums are not typically the go-to for most industries, web hosters grabbed hold of the technology to support the highly specialized technical skills required to run servers.

Forums are a great way to store evergreen information or content that is still relevant weeks, months, or even years after the original publication. Web hosting specifically works well with this method because the odds of another website or Linux administrator having the same question at a later date are very high. Below we have gathered a few of the most popular web hosting forums. Take note that the proficiency level varies not only by the website but by page as well.

Web Hosting Talk

Many will agree that Web Hosting Talk is currently the top web hosting forum. However, this does not mean that it is necessarily the user favorite. Web Hosting Talk is pretty strict about what users can and cannot do, so be sure to read their rules very carefully to avoid being penalized. Once you have cleared the vetting process, you will be amazed by the wealth of information found on this website.  

Hosting Discussion

Hosting Discussion is very similar to Web Hosting Talk in many ways, and runs a very close second in terms of popularity. If you choose to create an account with Hosting Discussion, make sure you pay careful attention to the “Operating A Web Hosting Business” section. In this portion of the websites, you will find lists of helpful information for resellers.

Cheap Hosting Forum

The Cheap Hosting Forum offers more in the way a user-friendly interface, and adds a splash of color not seen in many forums. However, you may be disappointed in the thread subjects available. Forums like Hosting Discussion and Web Hosting Talk offer a larger variety and also more technical topics, while Cheap Hosting Forum mainly focuses on great web hosting deals. Keep in mind, though, that this can be very helpful if your reseller hosting is the deal of the day.

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