Best Practices For Protecting Your Domain Names

Best Practices For Protecting Your Domain Names

Domain names are valuable assets. While they aren’t physical objects you can hold in your hand, the necessity of your domain name is most deeply felt when something happens to it. If you happen to have an entire portfolio of domains, the threat of misuse is even greater. This is why we have created a helpful guide for protecting your domain names from digital threats you may encounter.

Ways to best protect your domain names:

Change your passwords often.

It’s surprising how much more secure your data is if you change your password regularly. Simply updating this holy grail of security every 30 days makes hacking and other nefarious activities much more difficult. Remember that longer is better when it comes to passwords, and try to include a variety of capital and lowercase characters as well as numbers and symbols. Employ a password manager and generator for maximum coverage.

Register your domains for longer.

Registrars provide a variety of options when registering your domain. Date ranges can vary between one month and three years. The longer your registration, the less likely it is that you will forget to renew your domain. During your next domain renewal, consider maxing out the time frame your domain will be registered to you. You’ll most likely save money too!

Keep your contact and payment information up to date.

There has never been a sadder tale than the domain owner who got a new card number and forgot to tell his domain registrar. Failing to update your contact and payment information can result in the loss of reseller services as well as domain names. However, even if your payment does lapse, you generally have an additional 30-45 days to clear up your account and reinstate your domain names. Keep a list of who to update whenever your card expires or payment arrangement changes with your domain registrar at the top of the list.

Change settings to ‘Autorenew’.

Avoid that sinking feeling when you think about renewing your domains by setting your account to ‘Autorenew’. Your account will automatically be charged, your domain will be renewed, and you will be happily going about your day knowing that your domains are secure. This is, of course, assuming you have updated your card details – see previous point.

Keep tabs on domain scams.

Staying up to date with the latest scamming techniques can help you prepare yourself in the event that one makes its way to you. You can keep your knowledge current by creating search engine alerts for when the phrase ‘domain name scams’ is mentioned or by following domain content providers like Domain Name Wire. A simple internet search will also do the trick, as long as you remember to perform a quick search now and then. Be sure to follow the Resell.biz Blog to keep you in the know.

Use a reputable registrar.

When registering domains, it’s important that you choose a reputable registrar that you trust. Be sure to choose an organization that is established, has terrific customer reviews, and has years of experience in the marketplace. For example, Resell.biz has been providing resellers with top tools and services for over twenty years. Be sure that you only choose the best to entrust with your domain registrations.

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