Beginner’s Guide To Reseller Hosting – What Does A Reseller Do?

Now that you have a grasp on the web hosting basics, we’re looking at what a reseller does and how you can start your own web hosting business.

In our last post, A Beginner’s Guide To Reseller Hosting – Web Hosting, we covered the groundwork of web hosting and how a web server functions behind the scenes. Now we’re taking a step forward so that you can get started with selling web hosting to your own clients.

What does reseller hosting mean?

Reseller hosting can be taken quite literally – you resell web hosting to someone else. This means you purchase discounted web hosting services at a wholesale rate from a reseller business (in this case,, and then you in turn sell those services to clients that you acquire on your own.

Here at we operate the web servers where your clients’ websites will be stored. We’ll take care of server maintenance and management in the data center where the servers are housed, and you can focus on helping your clients get the most of their hosting service. In other words, you’re the business, we’re the tech.

Note: although we manage the servers, if you want to offer technical support to your clients (and we strongly suggest you do), you’ll need to provide it. However, we do have a 24/7 tech support team that can assist you. We can’t offer support to your clients, but we will offer technical support to our resellers.

What are you responsible for as a reseller?

As a reseller, you’re responsible for managing the business side of things. This means you’ll find your own clients, manage your own website to promote your service, and create packages and plans that you’ll offer to your clients.

Although this may sound overwhelming, rest assured that we’ll help you along the way! For example, you’ll have access to the Knowledgebase, which contains hundreds of articles and tutorials that will help you set up a Supersite, as well as resources guiding you through each process required in setting up your services. We even provide you with marketing resources that you can use to promote your reseller business.

Since you’re the one running the show, you can take your reseller business in whichever direction you’d like. We provide you with the products and services you need, and then you have the freedom to manage your own business the way you want. You can go at it alone, hire employees, or even team up with another business! It’s all entirely up to you.

Who generally gets into reseller hosting?

We have a wide variety of clients who decide to start their own web hosting business through For many, reseller hosting is simply a great way to get an entrepreneurial start in the web hosting industry. Most people don’t have the funds or resources to go out and buy web servers, nor do they have the time or technical skill to manage them on their own. However, if you don’t actually own the server, you can just focus on managing the web hosting business while we take care of the servers.

Web developers and designers will often start a reseller account with the intent of offering web hosting with their other web services. As a reseller, a web designer can tell their clients that they’ll design, develop and host their site all for one price. This saves your client the hassle of having to find a web host on their own. Less hassle equates to more clients for you.

Another option is to group your reseller hosting with domain reseller services. Just as every website needs web hosting, each one also needs a domain name. Check out our series “Getting Started With Domain Name Reseller” to learn more about how you can become a domain name reseller through

As a reseller you can actually have your own sub resellers. This means you’ll be reselling the web hosting we’re selling to you! You can manage your own sub resellers through your control panel once you have an account.

When can I get started?

Now that you have a solid background as to what resellers do, you can get started right away!

Check out to see which packages are available for you to start your reseller business today.


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