Beginner’s Guide To Reseller Hosting – The Perks

We’ve talked about what a reseller does. Now we’re taking a look at some of the advantages of becoming a web hosting reseller.

Now that you’re more familiar with how web hosting works and what a reseller does, we want to share with you some of the perks that come with starting your own reseller hosting business.

As we mentioned in our previous post, we have several different kinds of clients who decide to get started as resellers. Some are entrepreneurs looking to get started in the web hosting industry, while others are developers wanting to offer hosting to their clients. No matter how you get started, there are many advantages for anyone looking to start their own reseller hosting account.

You’re the boss

When you become a web hosting reseller, you become your own boss. That means you’re the one calling the shots and making important business decisions. You can hire your own employees if you wish, or just go at it alone. Either way, perhaps the biggest perk is that you don’t have to answer to anyone. As a reseller through, you’re given complete freedom to run things the way you see fit.

Don’t have any experience running your own business? No need to worry, we help you along the way by helping you with technical support and giving you full access to the Knowledgebase. You can also check out the blog posts below to get a feel for if you’re ready to take the next step and get started:

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High margins

As a reseller, you set your own prices. However, we make sure we provide you with a wholesale rate that is much lower than standard web hosting services found around the internet. For example, our beginner package starts at $0.36/GB/month for web hosting space (you choose how much you want to purchase), and our power reseller package starts at $0.324/GB/month. Since we provide you with such low-priced hosting, you can turn around and sell our quality web hosting services at a much higher price.

Scalable plans

As mentioned above, you choose the amount of storage space you want to initially purchase. The same goes for bandwidth and IP addresses. We throw in unlimited websites, email accounts, databases, sub resellers and FTP accounts so that your business is prepared to take off.

When you start seeing a spike in business you can easily scale up the amount of storage space, bandwidth and IP addresses that you’re allotted each month. As you need more resources, just ask and we’ll add them to your account! You can manage all of these options in your reseller control panel.

Free reseller store

When you sign up with you’ll be given an online store, called your Supersite, to manage your business. You can operate your own site as a platform for advertising your service, as well as including a checkout option for your clients.

There are many choices available for how you want to run your Supersite. For example, we have a massive online library full of marketing resources that you can use to promote different services you offer. Also, if you’re quite techie, we provide you with all kinds of API requests you can use to add features to your website.

Note: you can learn all about managing your Supersite by visiting this Knowledgebase article. Even if you don’t have a strong background in working with the web, you can easily learn everything you need in order to run a successful reseller business.

You’ll discover several more perks as you venture into the reseller hosting world! Don’t hesitate, get started today at!


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