Beginner’s Guide To Reseller Hosting – Finishing Touches

We’ve been through the process of getting started with reseller hosting. To wrap up this series, we’ll offer a few finishing touches you can add to your reseller store to give you an advantage over your competitors.

Standing out from the rest can be one of the toughest aspects of starting your own business. Although web hosting is a fast-growing industry with a high projected growth, there are several web hosting companies that are always looking for new clients.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you offer something that your competitors don’t. By offering additional services to your clients you give them a reason to choose your web hosting packages over somebody else.

We provide you with several different add-on options that you can offer to your clients. Here are some of the final touches you can add to your business to drive new clients to your website:

Premium Linux Hosting

In October we announced our new premium Linux web hosting packages. These packages include top-of-the-industry web hosting at competitive prices. You can choose between Single Domain Hosting, Multi-Domain Hosting and Reseller Hosting packages. All these new options can be found in your control panel.

Domain Name Reseller

It’s likely your clients will want to purchase their web hosting and domain name from the same source. By offering domain names to your clients you simplify the somewhat difficult process of getting online for your client. Similar to our reseller hosting, we offer domain names at wholesale prices so that you can make a profit by selling them to your clients.


Offer increased security to your clients with CodeGuard. CodeGuard is a backup service that continuously monitors your website to keep it safe from hackers and viruses. If anything does happen to your website, CodeGuard will restore your website to its previous state.

In today’s unpredictable online world it’s vital to run constant backups. CodeGuard will take care of this for you.


SiteLock is another security measure you can offer to your clients. Rather than backing up your site like CodeGuard, SiteLock puts up a strong firewall around your site to keep any malicious activity away. SiteLock works by constantly scanning all your website’s databases; this makes sure any viruses or other malicious threats are eliminated right away.

SiteLock also enhances the performance of your site by using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A CDN improves the speed of a website by storing copies of the website in several data centers around the world. When a user accesses the website the files are delivered to them from the nearest data center, drastically increasing delivery speeds.

SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is another form of online security. However, SSL is directed at protecting online transactions between a website and a user. SSL uses encryption to protect confidential information being sent across the internet. For example, if you enter your credit card details on a website, an SSL certificate will encrypt, or code, this information as it’s sent to the server so the information cannot be read or interpreted.

This is especially important for e-commerce websites or any other website requesting personal information. We strongly suggest having an SSL certificate for your own website, as well as offering SSL certificates to your clients.

There are several other resources you can offer to your clients. Log into your control panel to find out more about the add-ons available for your reseller business.

We’ve concluded our four-part series on getting started as a web hosting reseller. Are you ready to begin? Check out to start your reseller hosting business!


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