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Two years on and the gTLD movement is still gaining traction. Which web address ending will make you your fortune?

The business of domain names has exploded over the past two years since the announcement from ICANN that their generic top level domain (gTLD) program was launching. Never has there been a better climate for a domain name reseller to make their mark on the business world, with some domain name deals bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars!

So what’s the deal with gTLDs?

Generic top level domains are handy alternatives to the standard .com, .net and .org domain names we see so much of around the web. For anyone who has ever tried and failed to register their own unique .com domain only to find that it was snapped up back in 1997, the gTLD program could have the perfect web address for you.

From .today to .xyz, the gTLD program has something for everybody. There are industry-specific domain names like .catering and .plumbing for all those niche businesses trying to make their way in the world. On the other end of the spectrum there are new domain names which are as broad as they are long; anyone for a .xyz domain? How about a .ninja?

Why should you become a reseller?

Today’s big business names are easy to remember: Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon and many more giants have made their mark on the world by working in the online sphere. Countless global businesses trade online as the ‘net allows us to communicate and do business with people from all four corners of the globe, at any time of the day.

Online, business has no opening hours, exposing your business to a wealth of customers from all over the world who work both in your future and in your past, depending on their time zone.

What do all online businesses have in common? They all need a domain name to direct their customers to their website. Without their domain name, a business or indeed any individual will have little to no hope of driving traffic to their site, and as such will have equally dismal hope of making a profit or seeing any kind of traffic spikes.

As a domain name reseller you can provide businesses and individuals worldwide with their web address, be it a standard .com or something more out of the box. You could be part of their business journey, making a profit on their need for a website.

Why should you become a domain name reseller?

Here at we speak the language of domain names. For almost two decades we have watched the internet grow and expand, helping a vast range of businesses find their footing online.

When you become a domain name reseller with us we’ll set you up with a free reseller store so you can manage and advertise your products with ease. You don’t even need to know the ins and outs of the technology behind the internet, just be sure to bring your A game when it comes to selling on those precious web addresses!

If you think being a domain reseller sounds like the direction you would like to head, check out our website and get started today.

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