Are You At The .TOP?

The .top domain name extension has quickly gained popularity. Can it put you at the top of your industry?

The all-new .top gTLD has surpassed hundreds of other new available domain name endings to become the second most registered gTLD. With over 550,000 registrations, the only domain name standing in its way is .xyz.

Over the past couple of months we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular new gTLDs on the market. As a quick reminder, gTLD stands for generic Top Level Domain. This refers to ICANN’s plan for extending the domain name extension options that we currently have. For example, .club, .nyc and .ninja are new gTLDs that are alternative options to the traditional .com and .net.

This program has proved to be a success and many of these new gTLDs are increasing in popularity. In today’s world, .com isn’t the only viable option anymore.

One example of a popular new gTLD is .top. This became available to the public in November of 2014, and it’s seen a steady increase in popularity ever since. The .top domain name makes sense for just about any type of website, and similar to .xyz or .online, .top can work for a small business, a blog, an e-commerce site, or even a large business looking for a domain name change.

.top has been particularly popular with websites displaying products or reviews in a competitive field. Everyone wants to find the “top” products and rankings online. By using the .top domain name extension, you give your website that extra little SEO boost.

Another popular field for .top is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms. When talking about SEO you always hear about getting to the “top” of every search engine, or ranking near the “top”. The new domain name shows that you’re an SEO firm that really does get its clients to the top.

.top is short and easy to remember. This makes it easy to place on business cards and to tell someone in passing: “my business website is located at mybusiness.top”! Just like the most popular domain name extensions like .com and .net, .top is a simple and memorable ending to your domain name. However by choosing .top, you give your domain name that little “spin” it needs.

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