An Introduction To Web Hosting

Through Resell.biz, you can become a web hosting reseller. But before we get to that, what is web hosting?

Entering the world of web hosting can be challenging. Beginners are often troubled by the vast amounts of industry-specific terminology that you probably won’t hear elsewhere.

However, we can assure you that with just a little background information you can become a web hosting expert in no time! In fact, with only a small amount of initial knowledge, many people have turned reselling web hosting services into a prosperous career.

Through this short blog post we’ll give you the basics you need to be on your way to becoming a web hosting guru. We will also include several links to broader articles in order for you to learn more about different web hosting details.

What is web hosting?

Let’s begin at the bottom by answering your first question: what is web hosting? Web hosting is a service that provides storage space for websites. Each website on the internet is made up of lots of files filled with code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc). These files need to be physically located on a computer; in the web hosting industry we call these computers ‘servers’. A web server stores these files so that visitors on the world wide web can access the website from their computer.

Through the internet’s Domain Name System, or DNS, people can find the websites that they’re looking for.

What is a web hosting provider?

A web hosting provider is a company that owns and manages web servers. These servers are located in a data center with several technicians and engineers working around the clock to maintain each piece of hardware. These companies take care of the technical details that you’re tempted to ignore.

When looking for a web hosting provider you should take into account customer support, reliability, available features and price.

Resell.biz works alongisde the following web hosting providers:






Each of these providers specialize in different types of web hosting. We’ll cover what these are later in the post.

Why do I need web hosting?

If you want to direct online traffic to your site you will need a solid hosting plan. The internet uses a complex system to make links between a computer’s web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and a web server. Web hosting puts your site into this network, making it available to the world.

In simplest terms, web hosting makes it so your site is ‘live’ on the internet.

What are the different kinds of web hosting?

There a few different web hosting options; hosting options vary in resources such as memory and storage capacity, bandwidth and network capabilities. By finding the right type of hosting you won’t overpay or become overwhelmed. However, on the other hand you want to make sure you have enough resources to meet your needs.

Click here for a thorough breakdown of each web hosting option, or continue reading for a brief explanation of each.

Shared Hosting

This is the most common type of web hosting, and is perfect for beginners. Shared hosting means that several users share the same server’s storage. This cuts down on price since many websites are using the same server.

With shared hosting you’re generally allocated a set amount of resources (memory, CPU, etc) that you must stay within. If your site becomes too busy you’ll have to upgrade to a either a VPS or dedicated hosting option so you don’t slow down everyone else’s sites on the server.

Shared hosting is perfect for smaller websites and blogs. You also won’t need to have any technical background in order to have a shared hosting account – as in most cases it is fully managed by the hosting provider – making it the perfect option for web hosting beginners.

VPS/Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is made up of several servers that are working together to form a virtual network. This means that if one server has an issue, another will pick up the slack so the site doesn’t go offline. Cloud hosting is also a great option because it allows you to add and remove resources as your business grows. This type of hosting is very flexible and reliable, making it a very popular choice in today’s web hosting world.

Cloud hosting is perfect for small-large businesses, but does generally require some technical know-how.

Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting you’re given an entire server all to yourself. This means you don’t have to worry about other websites slowing you down or using your resources. You have complete control over the server, allowing for more customization and freedom. Generally, dedicated hosting requires some in-depth technical knowledge since you’ll be running your own server. However, many web hosts will offer a ‘managed’ feature, meaning they will manage your dedicated server for an increased price.

Dedicated hosting works great for large businesses or sites that receive high volumes of traffic, or the adventurous type that wants complete control of their web experience. Keep in mind that dedicated hosting is the most expensive option, however this may be necessary if your site needs the extra power.

How do I get my website up and running?

  1. Register a domain name. This serves as the address of your website and will be how your visitors find your site.
  2. Build your site. If you don’t have a background in web development, you can create your site through a Content Management System (or CMS) like WordPress, or you can hire a developer.
  3. Host the site. Once the site is on a server, your visitors will be able to access your website.

Let us know if you have any additional questions regarding web hosting. We’re always happy to help. Send us a tweet @Resellbiz or comment below!


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