9 Ways To Make Your Friday Productive

The weekend is almost in sight, yet you still have one more day of work. How can you make the most of it?

As early as 3:00 in the afternoon on Fridays, millions excitingly log out of their computers and head home for the weekend. A grueling work week has finally come to an end. For some, Friday becomes the busiest and most overwhelming day of the week because of week-long deadlines. For others, Friday is seen as a free day (although it probably isn’t at all) where all you have to do is show up.

Either way, everyone can make their Friday a little more productive. A study by getflow.com shows that Fridays are by far the least productive day of the week. When compared to Mondays, 35% fewer tasks are completed on Fridays. This could be due to weekend blues, checking out early, or maybe just getting distracted.

Whatever it may be, we’ve come up with 9 ways to turn Friday into the most productive day of your workweek:

  1. Plan your week. This can be done on Monday, or even the previous Friday before you leave the office. By planning your week, you make sure that too much work isn’t piling up on Friday, leaving you overwhelmed and frustrated. On the other hand, planning will also help to leave you with an adequate workload for Friday. This may relieve some of the unneeded stress that builds up during the week.
  2. Avoid scheduling meetings. Because so many people leave early (or don’t come in at all), Friday is generally the worst day to hold a meeting. There are of course circumstances where there may be no other option, but do everything you can to avoid a routinely boring Friday meeting. However, if your boss is holding the meeting, we suggest that you attend.
  3. Focus. It can be hard to focus on your last day of work for the week, but avoid distracting conversations and buckle down. For many, Friday can spark creativity because employees are generally more awake and excited about what they’re doing. Mondays are long and tiresome but Fridays can produce great results if you stay focused and motivated.
  4. Stay away from negativity. Every office has that guy that seems to have a snide remark for everything. By the time Friday rolls around, he has his mind set on one thing: the weekend. Everything else troubles him. Avoid this guy on Fridays and keep your positive attitude. If you’re struggling to stay motivated, read up on some Friday inspiration.
  5. Add the finishing touches. If you’ve been working on a project all week, take Friday to finish things up and go into the weekend with a clear mind. Use Friday to tie up loose ends and try not to let things carry over to the following Monday. Unfinished work will stay in your mind all weekend and only cause more frustration. Clean up your email inbox, make final phone calls, and prepare for a fresh new week. Whether you like it or not, Monday will be here before you know it.
  6. Don’t forget to take breaks. It’s easy to try and cram everything in so that you can leave the office early on Fridays. However, this usually leads to stress and low-quality work. Take a quick break to wind down and take your mind off your busy schedule. You’ll come back from the break more awake and ready to finish your daily tasks.
  7. Keep your routine. Friday is still a weekday. If you go to the gym before work, don’t skip out on Fridays. If you take an hour lunch every day, make sure to do the same on Friday. Keeping your same basic routine will help you to focus on your work and stay productive.
  8. Eliminate distractions. This applies to every day of the week, but Fridays can be particularly easy to get distracted. Facebook is only a click away, but resist the temptation at all costs. Your friends and family might be making weekend plans, but try to wait until you leave. Tuck your phone away, put on some headphones and finish up your work. Anything you don’t get done will only carry over, making for an even more hectic Monday.
  9. Leave the office relieved. If you’ve managed to follow these tips and stay productive, take a deep breath and leave the office feeling satisfied and relieved. You can now enjoy your weekend and come back fresh and ready for Monday. Rather than leaving the office with a full inbox and too much unfinished work, you can now be sure that you have accomplished a successful workweek.

You’ve worked hard all week and now you have a couple of days off. Take a break and be ready for Monday. Remember, next Friday is only seven days away!

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 Note: If you happen to be working from home, check out these 10 Ways To Stay Productive As A Freelancer.


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