7 Simple Exercises To Help Generate Marketing Ideas For Your Small, Online Business


Youve taken the plunge and set up your very own online business, which is just waiting to be discovered. Youve built a professional website with great hosting to deliver fast and reliable loading times. Youve even done quite a bit of on-site optimization. But now you need to come up with some fun and effective marketing ideas to make your business shine. Maybe youve already started but the ideas have dried up. Worry not, here are our tips to stimulate your inner marketing guru:

  1. Be Inspired!


We all know that feeling of sitting at our desks and staring at the screen. We keep on staring in the hope that marketing ideas will start coming – but they dont. Its time to leave the house and get some stimulation from your surroundings. Perhaps there is an exhibition or trade show that’s relevant to your field of work that you can visit. Go and take a look at what others are doing, how theyre doing it, and find out what they say doesnt work. If you work in creative fields, go to a gallery or hit the shops. Register the way they display products, the colors and textures. Or go to a park and soak up nature, marveling at its beauty and detail. You will come back with inspiration for sure.

  1.  Go Social

Social media is at its peak, so its the right time to engage and use it as a powerful resource. Pick one or two appropriate channels for your business and check out what your competition is up to. If there is a brand you particularly admire, study their marketing ideas, or mix and match concepts from many industries until you come up with your own.

Youll also see which channels work for which businesses, judging by the level of interaction you can see. This might not tell the full story but it is a good indication. Instead of feeling frustrated, go on Pinterest, for example, and maybe even start your own board for marketing ideas.

  1. Questionnaires

If youre really stuck and want to know what makes your customers tick, why dont you ask them? Do it in a clever way, preferably by a site such as SurveyMonkey, and create a set of questions targeted to obtain all the information you need. The answers can really enlighten you as to what might work for your target audience.

  1. Brainstorming

You can always ask a couple of friends to have a good old-fashioned brainstorming session with you. You might gain a brand new perspective, and a throwaway comment might grow into a great idea! Dont be shy to reach out for some marketing ideas.

  1.  Stop Thinking!

Maybe its time to take a break and do something completely different? Go for a run, walk, join a yoga class, anything that will literally take your mind off of thinking. And once youve relaxed, suddenly the ideas will come, Eureka!

  1.  Be Creative

How about looking somewhere unexpected? There are many inspirational marketing ideas to be found in fields that have nothing to with yours. For example, the creative industries can find new seeds in science. The scientists can find mechanics in design. The bakers might seek refuge in objects. The jewelers see new ideas in nature.

  1.  Go Local

Why not seek out your local market and see what others do? Perhaps you can chat to the stall owners and ask them how they got started. Chances are they also have an online shop themselves, and their market stall is part of their marketing strategy. You could even team up with other small equally-sized businesses and have group storming sessions that will benefit all of you. The possibilities are endless – dont underestimate the power of the collective.

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