5 Tips To Convert More Of Your Reseller Traffic

5 Tips To Convert More Of Your Reseller Traffic

You’ve worked so hard to drive traffic to your reseller hosting website. Now is the time to up your conversion rates to turn visitors into buyers. There’s a crucial moment when potential customers decide to buy, and that moment is when your ecommerce attributes should be perfectly aligned. can help.

Ecommerce = An exact science 

People have long been studying what makes people buy products – that magic moment when currency is exchanged for goods or services – and ecommerce is no exception. Gone are the days of window shopping and sales assistance. The ecommerce world revolves around speed, availability, and a great Call to Action. The goods and services of the world can now be found with a wifi connection. So, for hosting resellers, your challenge is in being sure that you are offering exactly what your potential clients are looking for. Yet, the question remains:

What does your reseller hosting website need to persuade potential customers to choose you over the competition? See our helpful tips below:

5 website must-haves for reseller hosting success

Flawless Checkout

Abandoned shopping carts are a huge problem for online retailers and reseller hosting sites are no exception. A contributing factor to cart abandonment is a complicated checkout process. While it is important to request the necessary information, your checkout process should be transparent and as simple as possible. 

The Perfect Call to Action (CTA)

A great Call to Action (CTA) can turn a humdrum website into a spectacular website. It is definitely worth A/B testing your CTA as many times as necessary to be sure that you have perfected it. It should be a clear action accompanied by bright colors and a simple message. Think “Click to buy” or “Sign up here” to get started. Ask friends and family for their opinion before choosing the perfect sales initiator. 

Mobile Optimization

Smartphones are a major tool for online shopping. Instant form filling makes purchasing products and services online incredibly simple and easy. However, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you will miss out on both sales and search engine optimization. Search engines penalize websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. If you’re not sure if your website looks great on all screen sizes, you can test it with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.  

Expert Security

Cybersecurity is a must for any website requesting payment details. Cyber threats affect anyone with an internet connection and customers will not buy your services if you do not show them that you value their data security. Be sure that you have an SSL certificate and a malware protector in place. Actively displaying signs that you are proactive in your security efforts helps customers feel like you can be trusted with their sensitive information. 

Search Engine Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a tough job, but it’s imperative that you work with search engines to improve your ranking. Following the tips above will boost your rankings but there is always more that can be done. Be sure that your web pages are updated regularly, use the appropriate keywords, and include metadata to help search engines index your website. Also, check your web page loading times to be sure that your site loads in less than three seconds. Consider using Google Analytics to see where your website is performing as well as where it is not. With a little effort, you can boost your website traffic as well as your overall sales.

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