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What To Consider Before Creating A Reseller Hosting Business

by Kelly Kirkham

Are you interested in a monthly revenue based on a subscription model business that requires very little upkeep once established? Yeah, we thought so. Odds are that if you’ve found this blog post, then you are most likely looking into creating a reseller hosting enterprise. The good news is that you are on the right…

The History Of SSL Certificates

by Kelly Kirkham

If you glance up at the top of your screen, you will notice a small green padlock indicating that the website you are viewing is encrypted. This small green padlock is in place due to an installed SSL Certificate on the website. It indicates an increased level of security that represents over ten years of…

Which Social Media Platforms Are Best For Your Reseller Business?

by Kelly Kirkham

When starting out as an entrepreneur, it can be easy to overload yourself with tasks, to-do lists, and that spirit of overachieving. Ambition fuels young startup enterprises. However, we often see that the early entrepreneur energy doesn’t last forever, and it can be a challenge for many to prioritize important tasks when time and budget…

How To Create The Perfect Email Subject Line

by Kelly Kirkham

The subject line on your marketing email can be the difference between a successful open rate and wasted effort. No matter what might be said about it, people judge their email by the subject line. It’s just a fact. So, making sure that your email subject line is as close to perfect as possible will…

Best WordPress Security Practices

by Kelly Kirkham

If you happen to be a WordPress website administrator, chances are that security and reputability are major concerns in your web development strategies. Considering that there are over 75 million WordPress websites online, hackers often target WordPress websites simply because there are so many more opportunities in which to succeed.  Hackers know that by using…

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