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10 Ways To Become A Password Master

by Kelly Kirkham

It seems that there isn’t an app, website, or device that we can sign into without the use of a password. While we all inherently know the importance of passwords, it’s not unheard of for us to cut corners now and then. Sometimes we might reuse the same password for unimportant accounts, or we may…

Domain Dos And Don’ts

by Kelly Kirkham

In the globally connected world of today, brand identity is largely shaped by domains, also called web addresses or URLs. A web address is the first important decision you will make about your website and your business. The keywords used in your domain will help shape your voice. and also how customers will find you…

When Creativity Strikes Own It With A .CO!

by Kelly Kirkham

Great ideas need memorable websites. Who wants a long‐winded web address when you can choose a valuable branding asset to set your idea apart? By building your idea on a .CO, you become part of a robust community of fellow online innovators breaking new grounds, one site at a time. To make things nicer for…

SEO Basics for Resellers

by Kelly Kirkham

In general, individuals have a much firmer understanding of the technical aspects of reseller hosting than the marketing side of starting a small business. Those who are lucky enough to have a strong knowledge of both certainly have a distinct advantage. However, if you feel like you may be a marketing novice, that’s okay.…

How To Be Sure Your Email Is Delivered

by Kelly Kirkham

Effective email marketing is still very much an inexact science. This is largely because consumer email habits are almost constantly in flux. Not to mention that many people don’t understand the technical processes that occur after you send an email. Email delivery rates are almost always achieved in spite of technical disadvantages like filtering and…

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