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How To Build And Promote Your Reseller Brand

by Kelly Kirkham

Business branding is everywhere you look. You cannot walk down any street in the country without seeing a brand of some sort. Whether you are looking at billboards, cars that pass, or on the litter in the road, branding is everywhere. If done correctly, branding can boost your business and help you achieve your reseller…

Managing Your Social Media Presence As A Reseller

by Kelly Kirkham

While you may not feel that social media is important to your reseller success, it can actually act as a direct line to those who currently use your services, or to those who may become clients in the future. For hosting resellers, social media can represent two important areas of your business: First, social media…

How To Install An SSL Certificate For Your Reseller Website

by Kelly Kirkham

Security should be a major priority and concern for all hosting resellers. Keeping your client information safe is paramount to your success as a reseller. An SSL Certificate is an easy way to increase security while also proving to website visitors that you are a reliable, reputable web host that is worthy of their business….

Is Your Email Address Working For Or Against You?

by Kelly Kirkham

For web hosting resellers and other small business owners, making a great first impression is crucial to overall success. The internet is full of scammers, spammers, and fraudsters, and in a matter of seconds, internet users instinctively decide the legitimacy of an organization. So the question is, what kind of first impression does your email…

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